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1956the company is created.
More than 50 years of
experience with cold
50,000insulated containers per year
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Olivo insulated containers for professionals

Olivo now has over 50 years of experience in plastics processing and cold transport. And that's why the OLIVO insulated container is truly a concentrate of functionalities guaranteed to appeal to a wide range of professionals.

We attach a great deal of importance to innovation and our production methods include the most advanced moulding techniques. This means, for example, containers made using the one-piece, double-walled technology. It means eutectic plates with a range of six freezing points. And it also means the Siber System℗ cryogenic "cold service station" and the dual temperature container, an innovation exclusive to Olivo.

Choosing the right container

Large volume? Pallet base or ROLL-cage? For transporting frozen food? For last-mile logistics? For food or technical products? Find just the container you need in a couple of clicks.

ROLL range    BAC range    Refrigeration

Olivo's range consists of over 30 models of container that can be combined with several refrigeration technologies for transporting both chilled and frozen goods. Olivo France, Olivo UK and Singapore and a network of 30 partner-agents all over the world make up a team capable of meeting all your needs.

A paradox: when simplicity meets effectiveness

What makes the insulated container so modern is no doubt the fact that it is simple: the perfect example of how to do a lot with a little.

Because they provide the best results with a minimum of means, these containers are the perfect response to today's expectations - energy-saving, respectful of the environment and excellent at guaranteeing the cold chain. Solid, one-piece, durable, mobile, flexible, modular, dual temperature, effective, silent and ergonomic, the insulated container is the ideal tool for modern logistics, which is ever more demanding on cost, quality, security and responsiveness.


    French company founded in 1956

    • Capital 2,500,000 euros

    Production and sale
      of insulated and refrigerated

    6,000 m2 production facility

    16000 m2 outdoor storage

    • Sales subsidiaries in England
       & Singapore

    30 partner-agents

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