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Our environment

Designed to last using environmentally-friendly materials

The all-in-one-piece construction of the container walls is the ideal protection for the insulation. This means a longer container life and less maintenance.

Moulding rounded shapes makes it possible to ergonomically incorporate mechanical accessories and ensure maximum safety. The polyethylene used for the walls is food safe. Selected for its impact resistance during handling, it is 100% recyclable. The in situ expanding polyurethane foam used for the insulation uses the latest generation blowing agents. OLIVO also offers an end-of-life recovery service: dismantling of the container, recovery and recycling of the materials. The polyethylene wall and the metal parts are completely recycled. The insulation is converted into energy by incineration.

A refrigeration system that makes good sense

OLIVO's refrigeration consumes very little energy by using the natural physical phenomenon of convection.

With no forced ventilation, there is no need for electrical energy inside the container - the cold moves by convection. Grooves inside the container optimise the natural circulation of the cold air. One of the excellent features of the OLIVO container is the homogeneity of the interior temperature. The refrigeration systems we use are based on the physical principle of phase change, of either a frozen eutectic solution or dry ice. The Siber System℗ is a highly original OLIVO innovation which already has a proven track record: it uses liquefied carbon dioxide to produce and adjust the refrigeration in the container. The carbon dioxide used by Siber System℗ is recovered industrial CO2, in gas form without intermediate transformation.

From the application of the simple natural laws of physics to energy efficiency and the savings it can generate, discover the many resources of the OLIVO insulated container.

Yes, but how much does it cost?

    Well, let's cut to the chase: from an economic point of view, the price of the container is not the only thing that counts. Optimising logistics costs and increasing sales by offering fresher products are ways for the user to make gains every day. OLIVO insulated containers are an excellent investment because they save you money while improving the quality of your temperature-controlled transport and guaranteeing safer products. You will reduce your investment, need fewer vehicles, consume less energy, optimise vehicle fill rates, etc.

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