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Over the years we have developed...

...a range of tools and services for users of OLIVO insulated containers.
Of course we aim to manufacture good insulated containers. But not just that. Questioning what we do, thinking creatively, considering what our developments bring to the market ….  These things are all part of the mind-set shared by everyone at OLIVO.

Thermal engineering lab

OLIVO has its own thermal engineering laboratory where it develops its refrigeration systems. Temperature maintenance tests are regularly conducted: thermal balance, studies of results, simulations of applications, load tests…

Compliance with regulations

All OLIVO products comply with the international ATP standard adopted by numerous countries for food transport. We deal with obtaining ATP compliance certificates on your behalf.

After sales service

OLIVO provides a number of tools and services for its customers:
- guide to good container practice
- training in how to use our containers
- maintenance guide
- spare parts catalogue
- maintenance and repair service
- maintenance training
- ATP certificates
- dismantling and recycling of containers at the end of their life

End-of-life recycling

Whether out of respect for the environment or in order to comply with regulations, you can already benefit from our service for dismantling and recycling when your containers reach the end of their useful life.

Thermal analysis

    Understanding your specifications is the first stage.

    Knowing what type of product is to be transported, what the ambient conditions and the length of transport are, enable us to identify your thermal requirements. OLIVO’s real advice and thermal expertise allow you to approach your project serenely, assured that you will get -and maintain- the right temperature.

Logistics analysis

    If your handling operations involve ROLL cages and crates: we have several insulated "ROLL" models to meet these standards. If you are a tradesman and use your commercial vehicle for your deliveries: our small volume containers will fit easily into any ordinary vehicle. If your logistics involves complex routes, with several stages and different parties: the container is both more efficient and improves temperature quality. If you wish to pool your transport, complete your logistics with temperature-controlled transport: the insulated container opens up new possibilities.