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The insulated container with talent

Because it achieves the best results with few means, the OLIVO insulated container's talent is that it can be put to use in many different logistics situations.

Food distribution

The insulated container is flexible and a source of savings in mass logistics: multi-temperature freight, cross-docking, round optimisation, fewer vehicles needed, less energy consumed, solid, ergonomic, silent, … the cold chain is never broken, from cold room to refrigerated display cabinet. The insulated ROLL container is perfectly suited to the distribution of foodstuffs, from the storage warehouse to the points of sale or for any other type of multi-drop round.

Seafood applications

For transporting seafood, the containers are fitted with a tank to catch water from melting ice. The one-piece plastic design guarantees the excellent hygiene quality and corrosion resistance indispensable in a humid, saline environment.

Catering, institutional and food trade applications

OLIVO insulated containers are ideal for tradesmen, central kitchens and all food professionals: minimal outlay, use of an ordinary vehicle, modular solution, easy to use, unbroken cold chain, hygiene, compliance with regulatory requirements, ….

CO2 applications and technical products

Insulated BAC containers are used to transport and store technical products at very low temperatures: dry ice, frozen glue, … The OLIVO BAC range includes two families of products: conventional-design insulated boxes made of laminated polyester and new technology one-piece rotomoulded polyethylene boxes.

Healthcare logistics

Your products are valuable, and you ship small volumes, in large quantities. The insulated BAC container is ideal for this type of logistics. Easy to use, it is a secure way of transporting temperature-sensitive medicines.

Last-mile logistics

The smallest common denominator for last-mile logistics: its secure one-piece design, its different dimensions, its self-contained temperature control, its modularity, its silence in use and its autonomy make the insulated container ideal for all kinds of last-mile logistics solutions.

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