Cold BOX

BOX, the insulated box, is a self-container solution : it can be used alone or inside a plastic crate. The question is, which is best for you ?

Plastic crate or not?

E-commerce operators working from a dedicated warehouse often choose plastic crates to pack their customers’orders. User-friendly and stackable, the plastic crate is the perfect packaging unit for dry food and groceries.


For chilled and frozen products, OLIVO offers the BOX: a range of insulated boxes designed to maintain the temperature of sensitive foodstuffs. BOX insulated packaging and its refrigeration devices are self-contained and maintain the cold up to 12+ hours or more.


BOX and the plastic crate are complementary: BOX is for chilled and frozen, the crate for dry groceries.


The big e-commerce operators automate their order picking process and use conveyors to move the flow of packages. In such a configuration, OLIVO suggests putting the insulated BOX inside the plastic crate,  it will fit perfectly.


OLIVO can create a customised BOX totally compatible with the model of crate you use. Contact us for more information.