How do you supply cold?

Using an insulated container is fine, adding a cold t source is even better!

Using an insulated container is fine, adding a cold source is even better!
The insulated container is simple to use: its insulated walls protect the products inside from the ambient heat. To maintain the products temperature for longer, a cold source is necessary.
By bringing frigories into the insulated container, you can maintain the temperature for up to 24 hours, even more in certain cases.
Eutectic plate, cryogenic cold, several solutions are available. The cold source must be positioned in the upper part of the insulated container to maintain the products at the right temperature.


Our eutectic plates are entirely produced by OLIVO: the envelope is food safe and the eutectic liquids are a specific OLIVO formula.


If you transport products at negative temperatures, you can use dry ice. We can advise you on the right quantity of dry ice for your transport time.


To maintain a positive or negative temperature with dry ice, our SIBER SYSTEM® can also be used.