Welcome to OLIVO : Portrait of a rotational molding worker

As OLIVO insulated containers are crammed full of technology but also the fruit of the expertise of our workers, we introduce you to one of them.

Rotational molding worker, a high-precision profession

ID sheet
Name: Eric Gazowski
Nickname: “Gazo”
Current position with OLIVO: rotational molding worker manufacturing eutectic plates and small insulated containers.
Years of experience with OLIVO : 27

27 years with OLIVO, that’s a quite long career. What is your history?
I first started as a laminator for insulated containers made of polyester, the historical business of OLIVO, then I have been a painter for these type of containers, after this I was in charge of the assembly and of the finishing touches and now I am a rotational molding worker for the insulated containers made of polyethylene.

What do you like the most about your job?
What I do prefer is the diversity of the tasks to carry out throughout a day, the skillfulness it requires but also taking part to technical reflections to improve the process or solve potential issues.

What is your typical day like?
: A typical day starts with turning on the machine, then I get the polyethylene powder doses ready for the day, after that according to what is planned to be produced, I start manufacturing with the machine the products required. While the machine is running, I can fetch the powder required for the next units, I can also realize the mixture of color pigment with the polyethylene powder if a customer did order a special color or I can get the following mold ready for next productions.

What have changed in rotational molding at OLIVO over these years?
The yield has been improved with what we call “spiders”. This tool/accessory enables us to get several production molds on one only machine arm and thus to get 2 or 3 units produced at the same time instead of one. Preventive maintenance and production molds improvements are key focuses we are working on (for instance how to improve the production molds to get a smoother filling and a lower waste rate). Trials of new/alternative materials are also conducted in a continuous improvement approach of our insulated containers.

Is there any change planned for the 2nd semester of 2019?
A new rotational molding machine is being installed. This will increase our production capacities and hopefully make our customers happy with shorter production lead times.