Tips: make sure you got enough cold

To make sure your products are delivered with a compliant temperature, using insulated containers is not enough. OLIVO give you some tips to make the right decision for the type of cold to opt for and its calibration.

Getting the proper cold in the right amount : a professional matter

OLIVO isothermal containers are high-performance logistics supports for the temperature maintenance of your temperature-sensitive products.

An insulated container is used to slow down heat inputs from the outside so your products temperature does not rise quickly. To offset these outside air inputs, it is compulsory to add inside the thermocontainer a source of cold, just like when adding a refrigeration unit inside a refrigerating truck.

OLIVO offers several passive cold sources: eutectic plates, dry ice drawers, SIBER SYSTEM℗ or MINICRYO℗.

Making the right decision on the cold type to implement depends on the size of your distribution center (DC). This way, eutectic plates and dry ice drawers suit better small and medium size DC whereas SIBER SYSTEM℗ and MINICRYO℗ meet better the requirements of larger size DC.

Another thing to take into account in your decision-making process is the targeted temperature range as dry ice drawer is only used to keep frozen and deep-frozen items at the proper temperature whereas eutectic plates, SIBER SYSTEM℗ and MINICRYO℗ can be used to keep both chilled/fresh and frozen/deep-frozen items at the proper temperature.

Once the proper type of cold has been selected, it is important to ensure the right dose of coolant (weight of dry ice / dry ice snow or number of eutectic plates) is implemented. As a matter of fact, not getting enough cold could lead to a non-compliance of the temperature on delivery and too much cold would result in unnecessary consumption of coolant and therefore un-optimized costs.

In order to make sure you are getting the right amount of coolant required, you will need to wonder about:

• What are the thermal performances of my insulated containers?
• What is the average outdoor temperature my isothermal containers are facing when in use?
• How long do I need to keep my products at the proper temperature (from order picking to final delivery)?
• What is the temperature of my products prior loading them in my thermocontainers?
• What is the temperature of my insulated containers before use?

Although we could define a general rule of 1 eutectic plate in winter and two eutectic plates in summer per isothermal container, it is always preferable and recommended to sharpen your requirements of coolant with one of our experts. This rule may indeed not be applicable to your specifications.

The OLIVO experts will thus carry out a personalized study of your cold requirements in taking into account the chosen model of thermocontainer and your accurate specifications. The personalized thermal study carried out by the OLIVO experts is based on accurate calculations and a database of temperature curves made in real conditions or in our integrated laboratory.

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