Expanded polypropylene : Olivo’s choice for an eco-friendly and circular solution

Mechanical property, recycling and heating performance, the winning trio

5,000 billion pieces of plastic still float on the surface of our oceans
73% of beach waste is plastic
Only 9% of plastic waste has been recycled since 2015
Here are some figures that make us dizzy and that reinforce Olivo’s commitment to a conscious and responsible eco-industry. To this end, the anti-waste law [n ° 2020-105] of February 10, 2020 relating to the fight against waste and promoting circular economy, supports an approach that has been dear to us for 60 years: sustainable development and virtuous logistics optimization.

Thus the use of Expanded polypropylene for our URBAN range, such as BOX64 and BOX34, testifies to our commitment to “clean production”. OLIVO therefore reaffirms its desire to find the best compromise: a sustainable and eco-friendly logistics tool with certain thermal performance.

Focus on Expanded popypropylene, an eco-friendly thermoplastic

Expanded polypropylene is a thermoplastic whose polymers soften when heated and harden on contact with cold. 100% recyclable mono-materials, expanded polypropylene contains no volatile organic compounds, heavy metals or substances harmful to the ozone layer. It generates no waste and helps reduce the carbon footprint. The BOX is therefore the result of the agglomeration of Expanded Polypropylene beads by steam. The eco-responsibility of this material is accentuated by its technical characteristics: resistant and stable, having a shape memory allowing it to deform without breaking and to retain its initial structure. Also, Expanded Polypropylene products have a longer lifespan and provide their users with real logistical support.

Expanded polypropylene, logistics and end-of-life management

As early as Antiquity, Anaxagoras of Clazomenes already defended the conservation and transformation of matter by stating that “nothing is born or perishes, but already existing things combine, then separate again”.
We estimate the lifespan of our BOX64 at 1 000 rotations. Please note, this indicator is an average and varies according to the use and care that operators give them.
100% recyclable material, our ePP integrates a reuse sector. This waste management strategy adopted by Olivo therefore contributes to the enhancement of a circular economy.
There are different types of recycling: grinding – chemical (depolymerization) – green
After 3 to 4 recycling cycles, the compacted ePP ball is weakened and degrades more easily. Indeed, repeated compaction leads to a gradual loss of mechanical properties. There are therefore two options to be able to re-integrate them into the BOX production chain:

  • Option 1 – They are associated with virgin material in higher density;
  • Option 2 – They are subjected to chemical recycling by depolymerization (oil bath separating molecules) to recreate monomers which will subsequently be re-associated;

Support our approach, and contact our sales team to assist you in recycling your used BOXES.
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