Last mile logistics

Last mile logistics

E-commerce and insulated boxes

With the development of e-commerce, there are more and more deliveries of smaller and smaller packages.

Ordering online and home delivery are now simple, even for perishable foodstuffs subject to the cold chain.

OLIVO offers its BOX range of insulated tote for last mile delivery.

Thanks to British customers who were precursors in the “home delivery service”, the BOX insulated box range has proved its worth since the beginning of the 2000s.

Last mile logistics or home delivery?

The term “last mile” refers to the last segment in the supply chain and covers home delivery, drive-in collection and other points of consumer collection.

Delivery services to the end customer are developing fast and durably, and new logistics solutions are being introduced as the challenges posed by the last mile are many:

  • to reduce the cost of the delivery because it is the last mile that costs the most
  • to reduce the negative impact on the environment of the increase in the number of vehicles (pollution, traffic, noise)
  • to respect the cold chain for perishable foodstuffs

Who are the players in e-commerce?

  • mass retailers, who ship from warehouses dedicated to home deliveries or from stores
  • distributors of fine foods and original goods (foie gras, smoked salmon, etc.)
  • producers adopting an approach based on short farm-to-fork distances for local produce

Fractured refrigerated logistics

It is estimated that the volume of packages delivered in this way will continue to increase at an annual rate of 20%.
To respond to these major changes in distribution channels, the units transported in semi-trailers are no longer pallets but insulated food boxes which.

  • easy to handle and group
  • stackable at the drive-in or click and collect point
  • light to carry up to the 5th floor when there is no lift
  • thermally self-contained for products subject to the cold chain

The expectations of these insulated boxes are very high when it comes to delivering perishable goods or temperature-sensitive healthcare products whose temperature has to be strictly maintained.

BOX: a 100% eco-responsible solution

OLIVO’s BOX range of insulated boxes are made of expanded polypropylene, known as EPP.
EPP is 100% recyclable and it is shape molded using steam.
A reusable material and a non-polluting production process count among the qualities of this material.

Although solid, EPP is remarkably lightweight. Weight is also an essential criterion:

  • ergonomics of carrying to the end customer
  • reduced load for electric or other non-polluting vehicles providing last mile transport in city centres


The refrigeration system is what makes the difference

There are plenty of EPP insulated shipping boxes on the market, but what differentiates OLIVO’s EPP BOX range is refrigeration. On-board, i.e. non-mechanical refrigeration has been part of OLIVO’s expertise for a long time.

With BOX, OLIVO provides a complete solution: insulated box and calibrated refrigeration … and it works!

Whether the refrigeration is provided by eutectic packs or dry ice in different forms, OLIVO will provide you with an analysis of the cooling capacity you need based on your specifications and transport time, and the model of insulated box you chose.


The BOX range, is primarily used for food, but these insulated boxes are also ideal for pharmaceutical products as they can be used for several different temperatures. It is the refrigeration system that makes the difference. Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help you to choose the best refrigeration system for you.

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