git Commercial vehicle seeks insulated container

Commercial vehicle seeks insulated container

Do you have a non-refrigerated commercial vehicle or a van in which you would like to transport temperature-sensitive goods using an OLIVO insulated container? The smaller models of OLIVO’s BAC, ROLL and BOX are the perfect solution for your needs and logistics constraints.



Small or larger van, small commercial vehicle

If you use a Kangoo, Partner, Trafic, Master, Expert, Vito, Ducato, Sprinter or a small van or commercial vehicle with between 2.4 m3 and 6 m3 of space to make ambient-temperature deliveries, you can use an OLIVO insulated container to safely transport temperature-sensitive goods as well.

Whether you need to transport foodstuffs, health products or veterinary products, the OLIVO insulated container is what you need. We can advise you exactly how to use it to guarantee your goods arrive at the right temperature.


See our suitable insulated solutions:
Models compatible with a small van (1.13 m high):
BAC 25BAC 55BAC 70BAC 130BOX 34BOX 64ROLL 130


Models compatible with a van (1.87 m high):
Small models above
ROLL 220ROLL 300ROLL 370ROLL 500ROLL 670 SeafoodBAC 320BAC 420


NB: these larger-volume containers will require lifting equipment to load them into your vehicle.

Advantages of the insulated container compared to refrigerated equipment

Flexibility: the container can be used – or not – as and when required: today, only dry goods so no need for the container – tomorrow, chilled goods to deliver, so I’ll use my BAC container with the dedicated eutectic plate; the day after that, frozen goods to deliver, so I’ll use my BAC with a different eutectic plate.


Chilled and/or frozen goods: today, chilled goods to deliver (dairy products, meat, fruit, etc.), tomorrow frozen goods to deliver (ice cream, ready meals, meat, etc.): the same container can be used, just change the eutectic plate.

Reduced costs: no motors to run or maintain, no risk of breakdowns; the eutectic plate can be used and reused ad infinitum. Simply use the right number of plates, as advised by the OLIVO experts.


Environmentally friendly: passive cooling is ideal for maintaining a constant temperature. Even when the vehicle is stationary (engine off), the eutectic plate continues doing its job, protecting your temperature-sensitive goods against any incoming heat. So switch off your engine, even while delivering your goods – they are protected.

Choosing the right container

There are several important criteria to take into account when choosing the OLIVO insulated container compatible with your delivery vehicle:

  • Volume: depending on the size of the packages you deliver, of course
  • External dimensions: check that the container is compatible with the height of your vehicle. Ensure you take account of the height of the BAC container, but also its lid in the open position
  • Internal dimensions: check that the container can hold your products in their packaging
  • Your use: choose a BAC or BOX container you can carry by hand or lift with appropriate equipment
  • Container or box which may or may not remain fixed inside the vehicle. We recommend that you strap the container in place. Do not rely on just the brakes as these would not resist long under the effect of speed bumps and other irregularities in the road surface during transport.

At OLIVO we can help you to find the right compromise between your needs and constraints, so don’t hesitate to contact us

Adequate cold source

Once you have chosen the container that meets all your criteria, you need to choose the right OLIVO passive cold source to maintain the temperature throughout your transport operation.
If you are transporting health products that need to be kept at a temperature of between +2°C and +8°C, 0°C eutectic plates will ensure your temperature-sensitive goods are maintained at the right temperature.
If you are transporting chilled foodstuffs that need to be kept at a temperature of between +4°C and +8°C, -3°C eutectic plates will meet your needs perfectly.
If you are transporting frozen goods that need to be kept at a temperature of between -18°C and -20°C, -21°C eutectic plates are the solution.

  • What do we need to know so that we can advise you on the amount of cooling required?
    Temperature of the goods
  • External temperature during storage and transport
  • Duration of transport and storage
  • Whether or not the container will be opened during transport
  • Whether it is possible to pre-cool the container before loading

Armed with this information about your logistics organisation, OLIVO’s experts will be able to tell you how many plates you need to use to maintain the temperature until the insulated box is unloaded. Contact us

Preparing the insulated container & eutectic plates

Now you have the right model of insulated container and the model of eutectic plates to use, how do you use them properly?


Tip 1: pre-cool your container. This means the box and its sides will be at the same temperature as your products. We advise you to pre-cool your containers in a cold storage room for 1 hr 30 to 2 hours with the door or lid open.


Tip 2: freeze the eutectic plates. The plates must be frozen before use at a temperature 5°C below their melting temperature (see: Use of eutectic plates)


Tip 3: check the plates are properly frozen. This is easy – simply shake the plate: nothing should move (if a bubble moves inside the plate, it is not correctly frozen)


Tip 4: place the eutectic plate or plates at the top of the container (on the molded-in rests or the grid provided)

Looking after your OLIVO insulated container

You are now an expert user of your OLIVO insulated container: congratulations!
To ensure the container ages well and maintains its performances, it will require regular care:

  • Regular washing: the walls of the OLIVO container are made polyethylene, so you can easily wash them
  • Change any defective parts: a wheel, a corner piece, a hook are all easy to change thanks to their simple fastening system with screws and washers in a metal insert
  • Damaged walls: a cracked or broken wall can be repaired by polyethylene welding. Please enquire for more information (video and photos available)

A well maintained container will last longer and guarantee unchanged performances, ensuring your goods are always just as well protected against temperature variations.

Commercial vehicle, flexibility for last mile deliveries

A light vehicle, such as a small van, and an OLIVO insulated solution (ROLL, BAC or BOX container) and you have the perfect combination for your city centre deliveries. More economical, more ecological, more flexible: adopt easy urban logistics with OLIVO insulated boxes and containers. The noise problem is avoided (you can switch off your engine) and your products are perfectly protected in their insulated container.

Professional use of a car: the ideal insulated solution

Fewer possibilities, it’s true, given the size of your boot, but there are still solutions: think of the BOX 34 and BOX 64, BAC 25, BAC 55 (see the BAC 130 in some cases).

Small insulated containers ideal for smaller volumes, home deliveries, urban deliveries, transporting medical or other samples: these solutions offer the possibility of protecting your temperature-sensitive goods against external temperature variations.
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