git Transport of chilled and frozen foods

Transport of chilled and frozen foods

Are you looking for an insulated food cabinet to transport chilled or frozen foods in a non-refrigerated truck? Look no further, OLIVO offers a ful range of dedicated professional insulated cabinets including :

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Bye bye refrigerated trucks

Do you want to get rid of your expensive dual and triple temperaturs refrigerated truck? Opt for one of the OLIVO ROLL insulated containers instead. These insulated cabinets maintain the required temperature thanks to a passive cold source, and will be your best ally for controlled temperature transportation of your perishable foodstuffs.
If you are shipping just a few insulated containers a day, then OLIVO eutectic plates for chilled and for frozen foods are made for you.
If you are shipping large numbers of insulated containers each day, then the OLIVO SIBER SYSTEM® is the most cost-effective and convenient solution.
Depending on your logistics requirements OLIVO’s can advise you on the best solution for you (e.g. dry ice or ice packs) a well as the volume of the cold source you will require. In this way, you can make sure your temperature-sensitive foodstuffs are kept at the right temperature throughout transport and guarantee their gustatory properties remain unchanged.
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Find out more about the entire range of ROLL models: available in different volumes, and sizes and with a range of options.

Insulated food cabinet range

The OLIVO range of vertical, front-opening insulated food cabinets, the ROLL range, has been designed to transport, of chilled and/or frozen food in standard or refrigerated trucks (dairy products, fruit & vegetables, sausages, seafoods, etc.).

Green delivery

Insulated containers are ideal for an eco-friendly approach to your deliveries to retail and other customers. They enable you both to deliver your foodstuffs whilst ensuring the cold chain is not broken and to take a step forward in the green delivery process.
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