git Insulated boxes for last mile delivery

Insulated boxes for last mile delivery

Whether your need is for home delivery, last mile delivery, city centre delivery, “click & collect” locker delivery, tricycle delivery: what is really at stake is ensuring that the quality of your chilled and frozen foods, is maintained or that your pharmaceuticals (e.g. vaccines, insulin, samples, etc.) do not deteriorate. This means keeping your products at the right temperature throughout their delivery journey. OLIVO’s solutions are made to help you make sure your cold chain is never broken.

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Lightness, insulated, easy-to-use, reusable

Do you deliver temperature-sensitive products (fresh and/or frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, etc.) requiring an unbroken cold chain from either a dedicated national/regional warehouse a dedicated city hub or one of your supermarkets? If so, the OLIVO BOX range of EPP insulated tote boxes are just the thing to meet your requirements and more.
Used with passive cold sources, such as eutectic plates or dry ice, OLIVO insulated tote boxes make sure your cold chainremains unbroken. Your groceries wil therefore travel at the right temperature throughout their journey and reach their final destinationas fresh as when they departed.
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Efficient, robust, reusable

Last mile logistic does not always mean short trips and/or storage.
If you need to secure your cold chain on a 24 hours-plus journey, opt for our high-end rotomolded insulated containers.
OLIVO’s experts are always ready to advise you on the model, and the type of cold source you need. They will work with you, to study your specifications and requirements.

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