Insulated container ROLL

Insulated container ROLL

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ROLL is a range of front opening insulated containers equipped with a door. ROLL is therefore OLIVO’s insulated food container.

The ROLL is the ideal cold container for transporting foodstuffs. The insulated food container is designed for distribution rounds with deliveries to several recipients.

The ROLL is a mobile cabinet, generally mounted on casters. Its front opening door provides visibility and access to the entire load space. The inside of the insulated container can be equipped with grating shelves to position the foodstuffs without the risk of crushing them.

The OLIVO ROLL range consists of a series of insulated containers with useful volumes ranging from 130 litres to 1400 litres.

Some insulated ROLL made by OLIVO

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Insulated ROLL 220 Catering

Outer dim. : 600x800x1130mm
Inner volume : 221 Litres


conteneur isotherme ferme

Insulated ROLL 580

Outer dim. : 810x715x1900mm
Inner volume : 563 Litres


conteneur isotherme ferme

Insulated ROLL 900


Outer dim. : 800x1200x1860mm
Inner volume : 910


conteneur isotherme poisson ouvert

Insulated ROLL 780 Sea products

Outer dim. : 800x1000x1900mm
Inner volume : 710

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ROLL insulated cabinets for mass retail

ROLL type insulated food container are widely used to deliver stores or various point of sales from Distribution Centres.


A simple delivery vehicle can therefore deliver dry, chilled and frozen goods on the same round with no risk of breaking the cold chain.


The ROLL type insulated food conainer is a standard used by mass retail operators to supply supermarkets and local convenience stores.

The ROLL type insulated container comes in numerous standard logistics sizes.




The insulated food container has to match your logistics standards. If you usually work with pallets, your vehicle fill rate will be optimised by using cold thermocontainers with pallet bases or half-pallet bases.
If most of your handling is done with ROLL-gages containers or crates, we have several models of insulated thermocontainers that meet those standards.


The ROLL range also offers thermocontainer which can be loaded with 600 x 400 mm crates or cartons.


Some models of ROLL type insulated containers are specific to certain products or activities:

  • fresh fish kept on melting ice, with a water collection tank with a drain plug in the bottom of the cabinet
  • gastronorm trays used in the mass catering sector.






Sometimes called a refrigerated box, the OLIVO ROLL type insulated thermocontainer does not use any mechanical refrigeration system with a compressor.

The OLIVO ROLL thermocontainer is refrigerated either with eutectic plates or dry ice. When it is refrigerated, the ROLL insulated container qualifies as a refrigerated container.

The refrigerated container type ROLL keeps foodstuffs at the right temperature for 24 hours, or even more.
It can be used indifferently for transporting both chilled and frozen products.







Dual temperature refrigeration

Discover the dual temperature cryogenic refrigeration system used for OLIVO ROLL insulated containers.




SIBER SYSTEM® consists of a dual temperature “thermal tank” in the thermocontainer, but also a cryogenic “cold service station”.
The SIBER SYSTEM® service station automatically gauges and produces the load of dry ice needed for the duration of the journey. The SIBER SYTEM® thermal tank receives the load of dry ice and regulates the temperature inside the ROLL insulated container. SIBER SYSTEM® keeps chilled or frozen foodstuffs at the right temperature.


SIBER SYSTEM® cold containers are intended for large operators preparing numerous deliveries of foodstuffs every day: mass retail warehouses, wholesalers, centralised kitchens, etc.

Sustainable design

All OLIVO ROLL type thermocontainers are built using the latest one-piece, double-walled polyethylene technology.

The polyethylene used for the double wall is a very strong material offering high impact resistance. It is totally recyclable.
The insulating thermal material injected into the OLIVO ROLL type cabinet’s double wall is hermetically encapsulated, which makes for a durable insulated container with an extended service life.

OLIVO has selected the most efficient insulating materials to give its insulated containers the best possible insulating value.
The expanded polyurethane foam injected in situ uses the latest generation of foaming agents.



End-of-life recycling

For ROLL type thermocontainer coming to the end of their useful lives after years of service, OLIVO offers its customers a treatment and recycling service.


OLIVO collects the insulated containers and insulated boxes to be treated.


The metal parts (locks, frame, casters, mesh inserts, etc.) are removed and 100% recycled.
The body of the ROLL type insulated container is cut into panels. Panels and doors made of a sandwich of polyethylene/polyurethane are then ground down and the two materials separated by vibration.
The polyethylene is recovered and sent for recycling. As the polyurethane foam is not recyclable, it is converted into energy by incineration.


At the end of the treatment process OLIVO provides the owner of the  insulated containers or insulated boxes with a destruction certificate stating the types and serial numbers of the insulated thermocontainer.

ATP compliance

OLIVO ROLL type  insulated containers are approved for professional food carriage in the same way as refrigerated vehicles are.
Find out about our quality commitment.
OLIVO’s production is ATP certified.


The text of the ATP can be downloaded from the UNECE website.

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