MINICRYO℗ innovation

The on-demand cold or “the proper cold at the right time”

E-grocery is a more and more popular distribution channel and new ways of delivery are coming out: click & drive, pedestrian click & drive, click & collect lockers and home delivery.


This distribution channel, and especially home delivery, is very challenging for e-grocery operators to whom the reputation is mainly based on compliance of delivered grocery and of home delivery service.

OLIVO’s mission is thus to accompany these operators in providing them smart and efficient logistic solutions to ensure cold chain compliance.

Through 15+ years spent with last mile delivery operators, OLIVO, and its longstanding partner, MESSER, have together developed a brand-new, state-of-the-art and innovative cooling system: the cryogenic refrigeration MINICRYO℗.

The principle is pretty simple, this system is composed of the MINICRYO℗ insulated tote, fitted with a lid used as a tank, and the SNOWDROP℗ dry ice snow automaton.

This solution ensures the compliance of the wished temperature (chilled: +2°C/+4°C or frozen: <-18°C) throughout the targeted transportation length, based on your bill of specifications.

The main asset of MINICRYO℗ cryogenic cold is the “on-demand” production of the amount of dry ice snow you require, no more no less.

This on-demand production is achievable thanks to the SNOWDROP℗ machine which produces dry ice snow in expanding liquid CO2 to atmospheric pressure when requested.

The SNOWDROP℗ machine goes even further in automatically dosing out the dry ice directly inside the MINICRYO℗ lid. The amount of dry ice placed in the MINICRYO℗ lid is exactly the one required by a compliant home delivery (based on your specifications).

Securing the opening / closing of the MINICRYO℗ lid ensures the safety of humans and products throughout the delivery from the order picker to the end consumer.

This innovation will be of a special interest to distribution centers having a consequent number of daily deliveries.

The principles of cryogenic refrigeration and of cold service station SIBER SYSTEM℗ have been transposed to insulated BOX, size better meeting home delivery and other last mile deliveries requirements.


MINICRYO℗ innovation can be fully automated if required/preferred (customized case study).

Home delivery insulated totes recommended with MINICRYO℗