Refrigerated material for transportation

Refrigerated material for transportation

Refrigerated material for transportation

What is called ‘refrigerated material’ is generally an insulated cell equiped with a cold source other than mechanical or by absorption. For transport, we talk about refrigerated container.
These refrigerated materials are autonomous :they are not fixed on the vehicule body.

Professional refrigerated material for the food sector

The refrigerated material for professional transportation of foodstuff must meet the ATP technical standards. This is why OLIVO’s manufacturing process is ATP certified.
ATP standards cover several classes of refrigerated material.

Two classes qualify the insulation of the insulated box and its authorization:

  • Normal Insulation (IN) for the transportation of chilled foodstuff (temperature over zero)
  • Reinforced Insulation (IR) for the transportation either chilled or frozen foodstuff (temperature under zero)

Four classes qualify the refrigeration of the insulated box (with its cold sources) and its authorization:

  • Classes for positive cold are called ‘A’ class (temperature over +7°C) or ‘D’ class (temperature of 0°C)
  • Classes for negative cold are called ‘B’ class (temperature if -10°C) and ‘C’ class (temperature of -20°C)

Marking of the professional refrigerated material

The professional refrigerated material is equipped with an ATP plate. This plate mentions the material ATP classes. For example, a material marked ‘IR-RRC’ is a material with reinforced insulation, refrigerated for frozen products.

The definition of ATP qualifications can be downloaded from ‘UNECE’ web site.

Strenghts of the professional refrigerated containe

The professional refrigerated container allows to meet the cold chain requirements and can be transported in an unmarked vehicule. The vehicule does not need to be specially equipped for refrigerated transportation anymore, and the same professional refrigerated material can be used either for positive or negative temperatures. Respect of the cold chain and logistical flexibility are the main advantages of the removable refrigerated material.

How to choose your professional refrigerated material ?

Your activity and type of logistical organisation will define the type of refrigerated container you need.

OLIVO offer three main ranges of refrigerated material.

ROLL is a thermothainer vertical product with a front opening. It is a refrigerated cabinet adapted to food transport. Around twenty models of ROLL type refrigerated material are designed to meet a large variety of businesses.

BAC is a cubical container with top opening. This refrigerated chest is adapted to the transportation of bulk goods, health products or very low temperature dry ice.

Around ten models of BAC type refrigerated material (bins, boxes, shippers) are designed to meet logistics specific needs.

BOX tote liner is the refrigerated packaging designed for last mile logistics and home deliveries.

Choose professional cold !

OLIVO offer two refrigeration solutions :

Removable eutectic plates for ambiant, positive or negative temperatures.

Cryogenics : dry ice cooling through a regular dry ice drawer (frozen products only) or indirect cooling through the SIBER SYSTEM® (chilled or frozen products).

OLIVO will help you decide on the most suitable refrigeration system for the best result.