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Refrigerated material for transportation

Professional refrigerated equipment for the food sector

Refrigerated equipment (insulated containers) for professional transportation of foodstuffs must meet the ATP technical standards. This is why OLIVO’s manufacturing process is ATP certified.
ATP standards cover several classes of refrigerated equipment.

There are two classes qualifying insulated containers:

  • Normal Insulation (IN) for the transportation of chilled foodstuff (temperature above zero)
  • Reinforced Insulation (IR) for the transportation of either chilled or frozen foodstuffs (temperature below zero)

There are four classes qualifying the refrigeration of the insulated containers (with their cold sources):

  • Classes for positive cold are either ‘A’ class (temperature above +7°C) or ‘D’ class (temperature of 0°C)
  • Classes for negative cold are either ‘B’ class (temperature of -10°C) and ‘C’ class (temperature of -20°C)

Marking of professional refrigerated equipment

Professional refrigerated (insulated) equipment is fitted with an ATP plate. This plate mentions the ATP classes. For example, ‘IR-RRC’ is equipment with reinforced insulation, refrigerated for frozen products.

The definitions of the ATP qualifications can be downloaded from ‘UNECE’ web site.

Advantages of the professional refrigerated containe

The professional refrigerated (insulated) container allows you to meet cold chain requirements using en ordinaty vehicle. The vehicle does not need to be specially equipped for refrigerated transportation, and the same professional refrigerated containers can be used for either positive or negative temperatures. A guaranteed cold chain and flexible logistics are the main advantages of this type of movable refrigerated equipment.

How to choose your professional refrigerated container ?

Your activity and type of logistics organisation will define the type of refrigerated (insulated) container you need.

OLIVO offers three main ranges of insulated containers.

ROLL is a vertical front opening insulated container. It is a refrigerated cabinet suited to food transport. Around twenty models of ROLL type containers are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses.

BAC is a top opening refrigerated chest suitedto the transportation of bulk goods, health products or very low temperature dry ice.

Around ten models of BAC type refrigerated equipment (bins, chests, shippers) are designed to meet specific logistics needs.

BOX is range of refrigerated packaging, boxes or liners designed for last mile logistics and home deliveries.

Choose a professional cold !

suivi de la courbe de température durant le maintien en température de produits thermosensibles par l'usage de conteneur isotherme réfrigéré

OLIVO offer two refrigeration solutions :

Removable eutectic plates for ambient, positive or negative temperatures.

Cryogenics : dry ice cooling using a standard dry ice drawer (frozen products only) or indirect cooling using the SIBER SYSTEM® (chilled or frozen products).

OLIVO will help you decide on the most appropriate refrigeration system for the best result.

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