Time limit and deliveries

Time limit

1/Insulated Containers & refrigeration solutions

In a reasoned and eco-responsible approach, we produce our insulated containers and dedicated refrigerating solutions on request. Also, on average, we record a production time of five (5) weeks upon validation of the order. However, if you are constrained by shorter deadlines, we thank you for indicating this to your OLIVO account manager.

2/Spare part

We remain dependent on the availability of our suppliers. Nevertheless, we record on average a delay of two (2) weeks from the validation of the order.


  • Please note that delivery can be made by a semi-trailer truck;
  • The transport by us does not include any special truck (tailgate) or pallet truck options. Please let us know when ordering any special needs for which you will be charged the additional cost;
  • Any delivery to destinations with difficult access (mountainous areas, islands, etc.) will be subject to specific invoicing;

1/ France

In order for delivery to take place under the best conditions, it is necessary to provide us with certain information when confirming your order:

  • The exact delivery address;
  • The contact receiving the goods: first name + last name + telephone number;
  • The days + time slots available for this delivery;

Delivery rates can be indicated in Franco Metropolitan France, when they are included in the sales rate, or in Ex Works and notified separately when the packaging requires it.

The delivery time in France, dependent on many factors (climatic, political, social, etc.), is estimated between 24 and 72 hours depending on the destination and in normal times. However, we cannot commit to a delivery time.

The deadline communicated to you by your OLIVO account manager is an ex-works deadline and not a delivery / receipt of goods.


Depending on the geographical area for which your merchandise is intended, we will send you a list of documents required for any shipment.

3/Receipt of your merchandise

When receiving your merchandise, we thank you for checking their condition and compliance. Therefore, it requires to unpack or to depalletize before signing the CMR, a document provided by the carrier.