git Transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals

Transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals

Cold chain compliance and risk management require appropriate solutions according to your activity as a pharmaceutical compagny, a logistician working for a wholesaler, or a last mile specialist (such as a logistician working for a medical laboratory group). Contact us
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Are you a logistician specialising in the transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, a laboratory specialising in human and/or animal health, a biotechnologist, a specialist in the last mile delivery of health products (e.g. to dispensing, hospitals, clinics)?
Then strict temperature compliance of the pharmaceuticals (e.g. vaccines, medicines, labile blood products, etc.) transported ans delivered to pharmacies, patients dispensaries is essential.
OLIVO’s insulated shippers dedicated to healthcare logistics can help you make sure your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals travel strictly within the target temperature range all the way from picking to delivery.

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Temperature ranges

The main temperature ranges used in healthcare logistics are +15°C/+25°C (ambient), +2°C/+8°C (refrigerated), -18°C or below (frozen). An OLIVO insulated shipper is autonomous and can maintain all these temperatures ranges one after the other. To do so, they are fitted with cold accumulators containing a phase -change material (PCM)/  also known as eutectic plates. To meet healthcare logistics requirements, OLIVO has developed its own dedicated eutectic PCM and plates.
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OLIVO produces its own qualification reports thanks to its integrated thermal laboratory. We might already have the qualification report you are looking for, so please ask. If not, the solution is simple : give us your specifications and we’ll take care of the rest.
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