Serving People with an efficient cold chain

We all live in a changing world where everything is speeding up.

A world of opportunities and interesting prospects, a world open to positive change for those who dare to do things differently.

A world where putting people first is the key to everything.

In this world, managing flows of goods has become a high-stakes issue. One which nourishes, heals and protects.

Flows that cannot fulfil their purpose without the deployment of a secure, continuous cold chain. We have been working to implement this cold chain logistics since 1956.

We are still anticipating the challenges of tomorrow by creating new ways of doing logistics. We are working to build an alternative cold chain combining the pooling of flows, multimodality and safety.

We are shaping logistics solutions that guarantee energy and economic sobriety and contribute positively to the ecological transition of supply chains.

So that health and food safety protect the future of life.


Our mission is to accompany you to develop a mindful, responsible & fair cold chain

Pascal Sénéclauze, CEO of Olivo

Our values

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