My order

How do I place an order ?

Go to the ROLL, BAC or BOX catalog sections. Select the product that interests you and click on request a quote

Is it possible to pay by bank transfer / check ?

OLIVO favors payments by bank transfer. When confirming your order, a Proforma invoice will be sent to you showing our RIB.

Can I test your products ?

After studying your equipment project, we will together determine the suitability of a loan. Subsequently, our loan procedure meets a few specific conditions:

  • Free for a period of 30 days;
  • Delivery offered by OLIVO;
  • Costs and organization of the return at the expense of the customer;

If, however, the equipment is exactly what you are looking for, you have the option of keeping it and being invoiced for it.

Can I come and collect my order ?

Yes, absolutely. Your equipment will then be billed in FCA. Merchandise withdrawals are made:

  • Monday to Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. then from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Friday from 7:30 am to noon;

My delivery

When will I be delivered ?

Find the answer on the Time limit & deliveries page

My delivery does not match what I ordered

We invite you first to:

  • Check your order confirmation (AR) sent by e-mail by your OLIVO account manager at the time of your order validation;
  • Make a reservation on the transporter’s CRM ;
  • Contact your OLIVO account manager, whose identity is indicated in the “Case followed by” insert at the top of your AR;

My merchandise arrived damaged

The first action to take is to enter a reservation on the carrier’s waybill (CMR). Please, within 48 hours of this finding, contact your OLIVO account manager whose identity is indicated in the “Case followed by” insert at the top of your AR.

My insulated container

I have a new insulated container, I’m having trouble closing it

The opening and closing of your insulated container must be done according to an opening / closing protocol:

  • When the ROLL is full (brake pedal pressed), the command ready, picking finished: place the frozen eutectic plate (or plates) in the ROLL;
  • The plate(s) must be placed as a priority at the top of the insulated container at the location molded for this purpose.
  • Open my insulated container: stand in the opposite angle of the closing handle, then push it while leaning on the rear rotomolded handle (see photo).
  • Close my insulated container: stand in the opposite angle of the closing handle, then pull it while leaning on the rear rotomolded handle.


I already have my own isothermal equipment, how can I order eutectic plates ?

OLIVO eutectic plates have been designed and manufactured to adapt to the insulated technology made in OLIVO. We are therefore able to guarantee you temperature maintenance for a determined period of time and according to specific climatic conditions. Also, with insulated equipment other than OLIVO associated with OLIVO eutectic plates, we cannot guarantee temperature maintenance. You are therefore strongly advised to carry out a series of tests on a sample beforehand.

I want to repair one of my insulated containers, what should I do ?

I do myself

OLIVO has a spare parts catalog allowing you to carry out your insulated container maintenance independently. To do this, we invite you to contact your OLIVO account manager to order the various items.

You want to repair your insulated containers’ stock yourself, but don’t know how? OLIVO also offers a day of training in its maintenance area. After your day with Patrick, a technical documentation will be given to you, allowing you to acquire a methodology and technical gestures, while remaining autonomous.

I make someone does it for me

Contact your OLIVO account manager who will present you our maintenance service.

Can my food products be in direct contact with the walls of the insulated container ?

All of our ranges of insulated containers and BOX are certified and have a food safety certificate governed by EC Regulation n ° 1935/2004.

I have a leaking eutectic plate, is this dangerous for my health ?

The contact of the eutectic liquid with your hands does not represent a danger. However, be careful not to ingest it or get it into your eyes.

Can I make fresh and frozen in my insulated container ?

Our insulated containers, BAC and ROLL, allow you great flexibility in their use, in regards to temperature management. Therefore you have the possibility of keeping your products fresh as frozen since it depends closely on the temperature of your eutectic plate. However, this cannot be done simultaneously: one load = one temperature.

How to prepare my eutectic plates ? 

The plates are prepared 24 hours before use in an enclosure whose temperature is 5 ° C lower than the melting temperature of your plate.

Eutectic plate -21 °C => in an enclosure at -26 °C

Eutectic plate -17 °C => in an enclosure at -22 °C

Eutectic plate -12 °C => in an enclosure at -17 °C

Eutectic plate -3 °C => in an enclosure at -8 °C

Eutectic plate 0 °C => in an enclosure at -5 °C

Eutectic plate + 21 °C => contact us on contact@olivo.eu

How do I clean my insulated container ? 

We invite you to consult the Equipment maintenance section.

Legal Standards

Does the container have CE standard ? 

Our containers are not subject to CE standards.

When and how to renew my ATP ? 

The Transport Certificate for Perishable Foodstuffs is necessary for any transit of fresh or frozen products beyond 80 km, also allowing you to carry out numerous breaks in loads.Anniversaries of renewal of your ATP: 6 years – 9 years – 12 yearsA repository of the foodstuffs concerned is available on the Cémafroid website.To renew your ATP, we invite you to contact an approved center that your OLIVO account manager can communicate to you.

 Is ATP still mandatory ?

ATP is mandatory for transport beyond 80 kms requiring numerous load breaks.