Olivo’s insulated containers have a life span of up to 12 years

  • Compliance of your containers
    As a privileged partner, Olivo supports you with the renewal of your ATP certificates for your fleet of insulated containers.
    • Document checks and procedure monitoring : Olivo provides rigorous monitoring of the procedures and audits guaranteeing the compliance of the documents needed to renew an ATP certificate. Olivo spares you the administrative complexity and allows you to concentrate on your core business. 
    • Advanced technical checks : the technical team deployed carries out a thorough visual inspection and thermal tests to check that every container meets the ATP standards.
    • Management of relations with the competent ATP authority : Olivo helps you to communicate with the competent authorities guaranteeing you clear, simple collaboration.
    • Maintenance intervention database : Olivo sets up and manages a database to track the maintenance interventions on a fleet of insulated containers. This approach offers total visibility of the operational and economic management of your equipment, to allow you to make enlightened decisions.
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Fleet management

ATP renewal, upkeep and maintenance, training.


RFID/NFC temperature monitoring, geolocation.

The owner remains responsible for the good maintenance of its small containers and is subject to periodic audits of its maintenance procedures at its head office and on the sites where its small containers are used.” Extract from the legal obligations described in the ATP

Extract from the legal obligation described in the ATP.

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Thorough technical inspection

1. Periodic inspection

A thorough technical inspection is advised at least once a year in order to get the longest possible service life out of your fleet of insulated containers.

This exhaustive inspection must allow you to:

  • Check the container is working as it should;
  • Correct any malfunctions;
  • Carry out preventive maintenance operations such as adjustments and lubrication;
  • Take the container out of service if it cannot be repaired.

After you have checked over your container, you must fill in the maintenance logbook, to record the different operations carried out. You may be asked for this document during an ATP renewal audit. 

Particular attention must be paid to the following areas:

  • State of the container walls
  • Closing system
  • Door or lid hinges
  • Seal
  • Door hold-open system
  • Casters, feet, pallets
  • ATP plate and validity date

2. Documentation and training in routine maintenance

Olivo provides a variety of maintenance materials and items: guide, filmed tutorials, spare parts, tools. Training in maintenance operations can also be provided for users with an in-house maintenance department. Working on plastic containers, changing seals, inserts or rotomoulded handles, etc.: we offer training that meets users’ specific needs.

3. ATP validity

The container falls within the category of insulated equipment under 2 m3. It is generally mass produced and must undergo technical compliance tests.

ATP tests: the manufacturer submits a reference container for each model it produces for testing at an approved ATP test centre. For France, the ATP centre is Cémafroid. There are two types of ATP tests:

  • Measurement of the K-factor to determine the insulation value of the container (K-value)
  • The effectiveness of the refrigeration system

These technical tests, which are harmonised internationally, give rise to test reports valid for 6 years and the granting of an ATP compliance certificate. These tests are described in a French document entitled ‘Avis aux transporteurs‘ (Notice to transporters) published in the OJ on 19 August 1998. When it acquires an insulated container, the owner becomes responsible for ensuring its equipment is compliant. The ATP certification system requires the renewal 6 years and 9 years after the container goes into service of the certificate of technical compliance of equipment used for temperature controlled transport.

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