Over 1000 Olivo insulated containers recycled in 1 year

  • End-of-life management for insulated containers
    • Reducing the environmental impact : Our commitment to the responsible management of the end of life of the insulated containers we produce is a core part of our CSR policy. That is why we have developed a structured recycling system in order to avoid our products going to landfill, a practice that contributes to soil pollution.
    • Promoting circularity : End-of-life management feeds into a circular manufacturing cycle. Thanks to the reuse or valorisation of raw materials obtained from co-products or end-of-life products, you will be contributing to the development of sustainable sourcing and industrial and local ecology.
    • Compliance with regulations : Delegating the management of end-of-life insulated containers to us allows the owners of fleets of such containers to implement practices in line with a CSR approach and meet the criteria of currently applicable environmental standards: waste management, sustainable development, product life cycle, circular economy. When recycling is completed, Olivo issues a certificate of destruction mentioning the quantities,  type, serial numbers and manufacturing date of the containers concerned.
  • Dismantling and recycling/reuse/valorisation of des insulated containers
    This is a service we offer to boost your contribution to sustainable development.
    • Collection of insulated containers : Collection of insulated containers from the customer’s site in accordance with an established set of specifications: quantity, model of container and any specific options [accessories and cold sources]. The batch of containers collected is then taken to the recycling centre for processing.
    • Inspection and sorting : The containers collected are inspected to check they meet the criteria in the specifications.
    • Dismantling and separation of materials : Removal of components: separation of PE and PU, inserts, corner pieces, frames, casters/feet, “pelican”-type locks, label holders, door/lid hinges, door catches.
    • Recycling of the materials : Micronisation then extrusion of PE for transformation into pellets and reintroduction into the production circuit, incineration of PU, then compression and shredding of metals for recycling.  
    • Responsible disposal of residual waste : Incineration of polyurethane, a residual waste product that cannot be recycled, in accordance with current regulations.
    • Certificate : On completion of the recycling/reuse/valorisation programme, Olivo issues a certificate of destruction which contains details of the type and quantity of materials recycled. This document is a guarantee of transparency and compliance with your environmental commitments.

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CSR policy

Sustainable development, circular economy and levers for reducing our environmental impact

Fleet management

Reduction of logistics graveyards, optimisation of warehouse space, use of compliant equipment. 

Sustainable economy

Operational continuity and guarantee of sustainable sourcing in insulated solutions

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Programming the recycling of insulated containers

After insulated containers have been in use for 12 years, customers have two options :

  • If the containers are in good condition: the ATP certificate can be renewed.
    It is necessary to contact the manufacturer to see whether this is feasible: pre-audit of the fleet, plan of actions to take, preparation of documents and cost of renewal. Plan to carry out this operation 6 months before the renewal data marked on the insulated container.
  • If the containers are in poor condition: recycling

However, if some of the insulated containers in your fleet cannot be repaired and put back into service as part of regular maintenance, we strongly recommend that you refer them to our recycling centre before they have been in use for 12 years.

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