git To meet and go over customer’s expectations is the OLIVO’s mission


Accompanying you

Over the years OLIVO has developed a range of tools and services dedicated to its customers who use insulated containers.

From the initial feasibility study for your project through to the recycling of your insulated containers at the end of their life,

OLIVO accompanies you through every step of your use of insulated containers.

Thermal engineering lab

maintien en température de produits thermosensibles par l'usage de conteneur isotherme réfrigéré

OLIVO manufactures insulated containers and their cooling systems. Olivo’s thermal expertise means that you can rest assured that your logistics project will use containers able to transport your goods at precisely the right temperature.


OLIVO has its own internal laboratory equipped with heat and cold chambers, a dry ice production unit, a thermal camera and all the instruments it needs to measure and record temperatures.


The OLIVO works both on internal development and for customers. Checking the thermal results of a new application, comparing the temperature of several types of refrigeration, etc. are all part of the OLIVO service.

Internal lab services

caisson isotherme

  • development of refrigeration systems
  • measurement of the K factor of insulated containers
  • internal results testing – container/refrigeration pairs
  • sample temperature testing to check compliance of the production

Customer lab services

besoin thermique

  • analysis of thermal requirements based on the customer’s specifications and feasibility study
  • performance of load tests simulating the customer’s application
  • development of new models for customers, container and eutectic plate

ATP certificate

plaque ATP conteneur isotherme

OLIVO as a company is controlled and certified ‘ATP compliant’ by the French competent authorities.

If you need an ATP certificate, OLIVO can get it for you.

After sales service

soudure de conteneur isotherme

Insulated containers are a form of transport packaging. It is a common occurrence for them to suffer accidents or damage due to handling.



OLIVO offers a range of services concerning the technical maintenance of containers:



  • maintenance training for the staff of the user’s maintenance department
  • provision of a maintenance guide
  • spare parts catalogue


entretien de conteneur isotherme

Would you like to outsource the maintenance of your insulated containers?


We can provide this service either in the factory or on site. Contact us to find out more.

End-of-life recycling

découpe conteneur isotherme

When the container has been partially destroyed in an accident or is simply too old, OLIVO offers a service including:


  • collection of the containers to be removed from the active stock
  • dismantling of the container
  • separation of the components (steel, stainless steel, brass, polyethylene, polyurethane)
  • recycling of the recyclable materials (steel, stainless steel, brass, polyethylene, EPP)
  • incineration as the ultimate treatment of non-recyclable polyurethane
  • certificate of destruction and recycling

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