Hygiene and care of olivo insulated containers : the team gives you some tips

3 June 2019 by Edina GÁLFI

Many of you ask us for information on how to care for your insulated containers especially in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Below we outline our recommendations on these topics.

Tips: hygiene and care of insulated containers

The hygiene of equipment used to transport perishable goods is essential, if not crucial. We will therefore start with routine cleaning.

OLIVO containers are made of rotomolded polyethylene. Although this material gives our containers high insulating properties and great mechanical strength (shape memory), it nevertheless remains type of plastic and is therefore sensitive to corrosive products (e.g. products containing hydrochloric acid or ammonium hydroxide) and to very hot temperatures. As a consequence, OLIVO advises the use of a high-pressure cleaner but with water not exceeding +60°C, and taking care to respecting the recommended distances (i.e. 50-60 cm, as for a car body). Also, OLIVO recommends the use of non-corrosive detergents, such as ORANET A made by ORAPI which we use.

Although fortunately less frequent, maintenance of OLIVO ROLL and BAC insulated containers is part of their life cycle.

Maintenance of OLIVO insulated cabinets and chests will range from the replacement of the seal to polyethylene welding following a serious knock to the replacement of a roller bearing or the tightening of a screw. The OLIVO teams have therefore created a maintenance guide for the ROLL models and another for the BAC models. Both list the different components of the insulated containers and includes a reminder of the technical points to be checked and the procedures to be followed (what to check, what to do, when to do it). If you dot not already have a copy of this guide, do not hesitate to ask the expert with whom you are in contact for one. In addition to these guides, OLIVO offers you customized spare parts catalogue for your container fleet.

As previously said, maintenance can be quite simple or require a particular technique. As a result, we offer our customers a maintenance training course  with OLIVO maintenance experts on our Roche la Molière site. The aim is to review the most common  types of damages you are likely to encounter on your insulated container fleet and to teach your maintenance staff how to make durable repairs.

If you do not have a dedicated maintenance team, OLIVO also offers a repair service either on our site at Roche la Molière or directly on your premises (option so far available only in France).

Finally, for containers that reach the end of their service life (12 years in France, 20+ years in some other countries), OLIVO offers its customers a recycling service for insulated containers (option so far available only in France).

For more information, please contact our experts.

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