Catering and the food trade

Catering and the food trade

Catering and institutional kitchens

Insulated catering storage containers are models specially designed for catering, institutional kitchens and the food trades, available in various sizes.

The greatest French caterers organise their food transport in insulated catering totes:

  • when catering for events
  • to supply their shops in various products (food, sandwich, kitechen product …)

Non-domestic catering

The central kitchens of hospitals and schools use insulated catering containers on a daily basis to deliver meals to the establishments they supply.


The catering cold thermo container keeps the cold chain totally intact for non-domestic catering applications :

  •  supplying baking terminals with chilled or frozen dough
  • supplying outlets with sandwiches and bakery products in plastic foil, catering packaging, on trays, varies width, weight …

Food traders storage

Users of insulated catering food containers and insulated catering totes also include food trade professionals and culinary artisans looking for catering food containers.


The artisan cheesemaker can organise the transport and storage of his fresh stock very simply with an insulated thermo container available as needed without being obliged to invest in a refrigerated vehicle he will not use every day. It is easy to compare the difference in price.

Catering sizes trays and platters

Insulated food containers for catering are designed to transport foodstuffs packaged in in crates or on trays.

These insulated food containers for caterers mainly take Gastro size 1/1 and 600×400 trays, which are standards in the catering profession. OLIVO hasn’t forgotten its users on the other side of the Channel, as it also offers a cabinet for 30×18 inch trays (UK standard).


The interior stainless steel racks used to stack the trays or crates can be made to measure, but it is quite possible that you will find that standard equipment meets your needs.

How much does it cost?

These catering insulated food containers and thermo food containers represent a modest investment that allows you not only to meet true professional standards, but also to guarantee the quality of the cold chain and hygiene. They are easy to use and products can be transported in a conventional vehicle for delivery round. A small price to pay for a true peace of mind.


The tradesman is not obliged to invest in a costly refrigerated vehicle to meet the cold chain obligations. The insulated catering totesdoes its job in all situations, silently and without pollution. Price on request.

Hygiene and HACCP

The insulated food storage container and insulated catering tote is perfectly suited to the professional’s HACCP approach.
HACCP is not a standard but a true method of improving food safety and managing hazards.

The insulated food container enables you to control the cold chain throughout foodstuff distribution. OLIVO can advise you on a reasoned approach to cooling. Products are thermally protected as soon as they are loaded into the thermo container: the biological hazard due to heating of foodstuffs is under control.
All the insulated materials used in the insulated catering containers receiving the load are food safe (rot proof plastics and stainless steel). Boxes can be cleaned and disinfected.
The cleaning procedure and frequency will be defined by your HACCP analysis, the aim being to eradicate any microbial contamination of the boxes.


Once closed, the insulated catering totes is sealed and the foodstuffs protected: the physical hazard of foreign bodies or dirt is under control.
The insulated food container is an HACCP tool in its own right.

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