Thermal food container

Thermal food container

Transporting foodstuffs

The insulated food container is designed for the distribution of temperature-sensitive foodstuffs, both chilled and frozen.
The temperature-controlled foodstuffs are loaded into the insulated food containers, which maintains the temperature throughout the transport until final delivery.
This means the cold chain is fully respected as thermal protection of the foodstuffs is maintained at every stage of their distribution, regardless of

  • Complexity of the logistics route
  • Number of stops to deliver to the different recipients (lunch meals, school snacks, fresh product, hot product snack, soup bowl, lunch bags…) to store, brands, school, office, storage shop…
  • Waiting times every single day…

Insulated containers for foodstuff deliveries

ROLL containers are front opening insulated food containers dedicated to supplying mass retail outlets from a warehouse.
The shops’ order assembly done by the warehouse. The insulated food containers are then transported and unloaded at the points of sale on the delivery round.
BAC containers are insulated food chests categories or insulated boxes for food (top opening) more suited to transporting loose or packed food industry products: for example, for transfers from a food factory to a processing plant or the transport of lactic starter cultures pack.

Distribution rounds

The first important quality of a professional insulated shipping container is its capacity to maintain the temperature in all situations. Once it is loaded and the door closed, the insulated food container maintains the temperature for a programmed length of time. This time will include the transport time but also the waiting times.

On a round with several recipients, the driver can open the vehicle doors numerous times without the risk of heating up the items, as recommend in ATP conditions.

Waiting times

The store is busy and the driver has to wait for the receiving clerk to be free: no problem, the cold chain in a professional insulated container is always intact at any place, even on the pavement.

It is even possible to make night deliveries when there is no-one present as the emptying of the insulated food container can be delayed as long as the extra waiting time has been planned for. Those containers are  a great help for night work with good results.

Unloading into refrigerated display cabinets

Once they arrive at the shop, the insulated food containers are emptied directly into the refrigerated display cabinets. The point of sale does not need a refrigerated airlock for incoming goods or a cold storage room, because whatever the time of delivery, the insulated food container keeps the right temperature to the very end before storage in the fridge.

The insulated food container and accessories guarantees an irreproachable cold chain: “from cold room to display”. And even if the transport takes longer than expected and the cold is totally consumed inside the Roll container, the insulating capacity is sufficient to keep the temperature of the load from rising noticeably (thermal inertia).

Advantages for logistics

The use of insulated food containers for food is very flexible and offers numerous advantages for the logistics organisation:

the use of an ordinary vehicle for sensitive foodstuffs because insulated cabinets are approved for professional transport, just like refrigerated lorries
the possibility of grouping foodstuffs with different storage temperatures in the same vehicle: chilled and frozen products in their own insulated container can cohabit freely, and also with dry groceries, which are not subjected to the humidity of a refrigeration system.
A seasonal promotion doubles the volume of frozen products? No difficulties adjusting the size of the “frozen” compartment of the vehicle to the reality of your transport needs, since insulated cabinets and boxes for food can be used indifferently for chilled and frozen goods. Your fleet of insulated food containers is available without being bound to only one temperature
there are no restrictions on carrying frozen foodstuffs in an insulated container in a chiller-type refrigerated lorry.
It is also possible to transport chilled foodstuffs in a freezer lorry for a few hours, as the insulated food container will protect the foodstuffs against freezing


The insulating capacity of the food cabinet protects the foodstuffs against heating up like an hydro flask does but longer and better. To increase the storage time and adjust it to the transport time, it is necessary to carry on cold energy inside the Roll insulated cabinet for food.

The way this works is simple for the customer : the cooling system compensates for the heat loss of the insulated food container. And so the temperature of the foodstuffs remains stable and they neither warm up nor cool down during transport. Good results on arrival presupposes that the foodstuffs were at the right temperature at the beginning of the journey.

More information on the different refrigeration systems used in insulated food cabinets. Contact us for price request, more features…


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