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The refrigeration solution for your home delivery

Cold on demand or “the right cold at the right time”

The Covid-19 crisis caused a real earthquake in the last mile sector. Large retailers have diversified and have not lacked responsiveness to adapt to the new context: drives, pedestrian drives, click & collect lockers, urban HUB and home delivery. Newcomers have emerged in view of the urgency: short supply chain platforms, marketplaces for small businesses sometimes even orchestrated by local authorities. An omnichannel strategy was then deployed to stay in the race and conquer new markets. Home delivery represents many challenges and issues facing the various food e-commerce operators: profitability, optimization and automation.



Food e-commerce and optimization of cold logistics

box isotherme dernier kilomètre

Their main challenge: to organize cold logistics that are both efficient but also profitable and sustainable.

In a logic of profitability and efficiency:

  • How to distribute hundreds or even thousands of orders at the doors of end customers while ensuring that the products are kept at the right temperature?
  • How to prepare the orders and their source of cold in a fully or partially automated warehouse?
  • How to avoid overconsumption of cold and make deliveries profitable?

OLIVO therefore supports these players in the search for smart logistics solutions adapted to their preparation and distribution organization, to their economic pattern, while ensuring respect for the cold chain.

After more than 15 years spent alongside last mile delivery operators, OLIVO, and its long-standing partner MESSER, have jointly developed an innovative and calibrated cooling system: the MINICRYO®





Passive cooling technology adapted to the digitization of supermarkets

transport minicryo

The MINICRYO® solution is made up of two essential and inseparable equipments: 

  1. Our BOX34 (en lien equipped with a smart and secure MINICRYO® lid to diffuse the cold that maintains the temperature during the transport of fresh or frozen products; 
  2. The SnowDrop® machine designed by MESSER distributing and calibrating the source of passive cryogenic cold: the right quantity of dry ice, adapted to the duration of transport targeted, at the temperature of the products transported (fresh: + 2 ° C / + 4 ° C or frozen: <-18 ° C) as well as your specifications; 

llivraison dernier kilomètre

This production of cold on demand, thus guarantees you an optimization of your costs (more upstream storage) and a simplified handling. This “on-demand” cold production is possible with the SnowDrop® machine, designed and installed by Messer, which produces the source of cryogenic cold when requested. After studying your logistics and your organizational constraints, the SnowDrop® automaton is calibrated and automatically sets up inside the MINICRYO® lid the load of dry ice necessary for the delivery of your products at the right temperature to end consumers.
Securing the opening / closing of the MINICRYO® lid ensures serene use (preparation operators, deliverers and the end customer) and guarantees that the products are kept at temperature throughout the delivery and the preparation of the products’ orders up to the final consumer.
The automated cooling logistics solution, MINICRYO®, is designed for operations with large volumes of daily shipments.

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The refrigeration solution for your home delivery