Olivo in a few words

Olivo in a few words

Leader in insulated containers

At the end of the 1960s supermarkets were a new phenomenon and developing fast. The first frozen foods began to appear.

This raised the question of how to transport these frozen foodstuffs to the shop freezer.  The first OLIVO Roll insulated containers were produced in 1970. This product was an insulated ROLL container on casters equipped with a dry ice drawer designed to transport frozen food.

OLIVO is a French company with a background in the plastics industry which produces insulated containers and cooling systems.

The main steps


Creation of the company

The founder, Jean OLIVO, was fascinated by the moulding of the new plastic materials.


First insulated containers

OLIVO designed the first insulated containers to solve the problem of transporting frozen foods to supermarkets.


Assembled containers

Consisting of assembled external panels, the "mecano" concept was discontinued


Eutectic liquids

OLIVO started to formulate its own eutectic solutions


Rotomoulded insulated containers.1

1st generation of double-wall containers: OLIVO innovates with a one-piece concept.


Rotomoulded insulated containers.2

2nd generation of double-wall Roll insulated containers: OLIVO's flagship product.


Siber System®

OLIVO invented SIBER SYSTEM, a dual temperature cryogenic refrigeration system: a "cold service station" automatically produces the amount of dry ice needed for frozen products, but also for chilled products.



First EPP boxes for a UK-based (US-based) pioneer in home deliveries.


And into the future

MAX is a large-capacity EPP Roll container: OLIVO is preparing the insulated roll container of the future

Key figures

Production 6000m2

Storage 8000m2


Capital 2500000 €

Head Office France



Singapore Office

30 International Partners

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