Research and development

Research and development

Moving forward

OLIVO applies a dynamic R&D policy that brings genuine innovations to the market.

So what's new?

OLIVO is continually developing new ways of improving the design of its insulated containers and cooling systems.
Today its innovation policy rests on a stated wish to produce equipment that is less harmful to the environment and to use manufacturing processes that pollute less.


This is the case of the BOX range of insulated boxes for last-mile logistics. With the development of e-commerce, there are more and more deliveries of smaller and smaller packages.
The logistics challenges posed by e-commerce are considerable and that is why OLIVO has developed BOX insulated boxes, which are made of a material remarkable for its light weight and its environmental qualities: expanded polypropylene, otherwise known as EPP:

  • single material that provides both insulation and structural strength
  • shape moulded with steam
  • easy to recycle
  • very, very, very lightweight (easy to carry, great for electric vehicles, etc.)



Meet MAX

With the MAX development we wanted to see how far we could go with EPP. Why not an EPP Roll container? The same insulating capacity, less material, fewer components, lighter and easier to recycle.


We took as our starting point a 900 litre Roll container in 800×1200 pallet format, 1.90 m high.


The weight of an empty conventional ROLL 900 made of rotomoulded polyethylene is 132 kg.
The MAX 900 made of EPP, with the same dimensions, weighs only 74 kg.
The weight of the MAX 900 is 45% less while its thermal performance is identical.


MAX 900 is still undergoing field tests and is not yet on the market.
OLIVO is testing the insulated roll container of the future 🙂

MINICRYO℗, the talented tote for last mile delivery: an exclusive innovation by OLIVO!

Have you ever heard about the cryogenic refrigeration SIBER SYSTEM℗ for cabinet insulated containers (ROLL range)?

OLIVO takes a step forward in innovation in miniaturizing this on-demand cold concept. This way, this cutting-edge cold system is now available for insulated totes to meet the requirements of home delivery and other types of last mile logistics!

You have a large customer fulfillment center (CFC) with a lot of totes shipped a day? Get rid of the complexity of using eutectic plates: loss, damage or theft of eutectic plates, having 2 or 3 sets to ensure the ice packs shift, having a refrigeration unit to freeze the cold accumulators (hidden costs), making sure the ice blocks are properly frozen to avoid a non-compliant temperature on delivery, etc. and go for MINICRYO℗ insulated totes.

OLIVO has worked hard for months and months together with its partner MESSER on an on-demand cold system: the MINICRYO℗ insulated BOX by OLIVO gets the cold source directly in its lid and ensures a regular and compliant cold release whilst the SNOWDROP℗ machine by MESSER produces the amount of dry ice snow required by your specifications.

Don’t wait any longer to get to know more on this unique insulated solution for last mile delivery: MINICRYO℗

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