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Mudanzas control does a feedback on their use of our BAC and logistical solutions.

Transport at -80 ° C of health products – Cold transit and logistics process

The transport of health products and vaccines at a temperature of -80 ° C is carried out by specialized companies such as Mudanzas Control, handling national and international transits of laboratories.

We recently transported samples at -86 ° C for the Hospital de Sant Creu i Sant Pau (Barcelona), using OLIVO BAC, insulated containers perfectly suited, in our opinion, for transport at very low temperatures. Through its wide range of products and its cutting-edge refrigeration technology, OLIVO offers different ranges of controlled temperature (+ 2 ° / + 8 ° C, + 15 ° C / + 25 ° C, – 80 ° C).

In order to be able to guarantee a controlled temperature during the transit time, we fill the bottom of our OLIVO containers with dry ice pellets, then we have a dry ice drawer on top of the BAC. Finally, we secure the bottom of our BACs by arranging our samples vertically while separating them from each other with a board, in order to avoid collisions. Once the lid of our BAC is closed, we put a seal on it to maintain a temperature close to the one provided by ultra-low temperature industrial freezers.

The safety aspect is also at the heart of our approach. When handling healthcare products we use special gloves. Indeed, contact between the skin and dry ice can cause irreversible burns.

In order to control and guarantee the cold chain during transport, we use latest generation temperature loggers, capable of registering temperatures down to -200 ° C. So, we can easily control the temperature variations to which the samples are subjected during the transit time. This is how we were able to see a variation of +/- 10 ° C. Excellent result for this logistics solution.

OLIVO containers, a guarantee of safety for the transfer of samples and vaccines in the laboratory

The best way to ensure a safe temperature-controlled transfer of health products and vaccines is to rely on experience and on the most efficient and innovative solutions. In our case, the combination of quality material such as OLIVO containers added with the experience of a company such as Mudanza Control, gives you the best possible guarantee.

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