Transport of thermosensitive products at -80 ° C: it is possible

14 December 2020 by Edina GÁLFI

With its experience in the logistics of cold industrial products at -80 ° C, OLIVO has been offering cutting-edge isothermal technology for more than 60 years. Thus, for more than 12 days and without any external intervention, OLIVO containers can transport and store heat-sensitive products at a temperature below -75 ° C.

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Long-term maintenance at -75 ° C


Without temperature excursion, without recharging from a cold source, nor energy supply, OLIVO insulated container ensures very long-term maintenance at -75 ° C and makes it possible to meet large-scale logistics needs such as the distribution of PFIZER RNA vaccine.

We took up the challenge of the mechanical stresses caused by temperature differences over 100 ° C between the inside of the container and its external environment. The validation of our test is partially based on the requirements of ISTA 7D (temperature curve).

Curve :P 142 BAC 320
Coolant :150kg of Dry Ice
Load :120 litres
Average ambient temp. :+7°C
Time maintained within -90°C to -65°C304h350h+

Very low temperature and longer transport time: yes, we can !

Finally, to respond to a tremendous worldwide vaccination campaign, OLIVO has developed a container adapted to the standard logistic format of 1200mmx800mm and whose technology adapts to the transport of health products in positive cold: + 2 ° C / + 8 ° C, the + 15 ° C / + 25 ° C.

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