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Insulated BOX

Cold in a BOX

The BOX range consists of small volume insulated food boxes and health boxes that can be qualified as insulated packaging.

BOX insulated food boxes are and health boxes mainly intended to be used for last mile logistics.

OLIVO BOX is a range of reusable insulated boxes designed for use by logistics professionals delivering directly to the consumer.

We design and manufacture insulated BAC and BOX for the transport of temperature sensitive products. A range of complete and durable solutions, from the insulated container to the passive cooling solution, which addresses the issues of maintaining positive, negative or ambient temperatures.

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Insulated BOX 64


Brand : OLIVO – Ref : BOX 64

  • Ambient
  • Chilled
  • Frozen
  • Thermo box 60 Liters
  • Dimensions: 595 x 395 x 455 mm



Insulated BOX 35


Brand : OLIVO – Ref : BOX 35

  • Ambient
  • Chilled
  • Frozen
  • Special size
  • Thermo box 35 Liters
  • Dimensions: 570 x 370 x 317 mm



Insulated BOX 34


Brand : OLIVO – Ref : BOX 34

  • Ambient
  • Chilled
  • Frozen
  • Special size
  • Thermo box 34 Liters
  • Dimensions: 555 x 360 x 331 mm



Ergonomic cold boxes

thermal food container

BOX insulated delivery boxes are a concentrate of ergonomics and thermal know-how offering the following advantages:

    • lightweight packaging to facilitate handling and carrying to the customer
    • solidity and insulating capacity, with an innovative, recyclable material
    • eutectic refrigeration pack suited to different transport times
    • effective refrigeration able to maintain different cool temperatures
    • a complete solution (insulated boxes + refrigeration) that is simple to deploy and use.

Refrigerated boxes used in the food, industry or healthcare sectors

This refrigerated box model is available in a wide range of sizes with a useful volume varying from 25 to 600 liters, on feet or wheels. As a real ally of your cold logistics, this refrigerated box is stackable, and can also be handled with a forklift for larger volumes.


Coffre isotherme Box Olivo

To meet the needs of direct delivery to consumers, OLIVO has sought to adapt its temperature maintenance system insulated boxes specially designed for last mile logistics.

For the solution to be effective and satisfactory to our customers, we had to find the cold BOX that would guarantee the desired thermal result and be as lightweight and compact as possible.


The insulated BOX is suitable for transporting small volumes between 34 and 60 liters. Ergonomic, light, strong and easy to handle, it is also ecological with a 100% recyclable EPP-based manufacturing. Compatible with food contact, it can be sterilized after use. The last mile includes deliveries to homes, drives, short circuits, as well as consumer collection points. Our range of refrigerated boxes respects the cold chain when transporting perishable foodstuffs and transit.

Who are the users of this last mile logistics?

  • Large-scale distribution for deliveries to your home or from your store.
  • The delicatessen delivering products such as foie gras, smoked salmon, other items.
  • Producers who have opted for the short circuit (local products).

What are their selection criteria for the transport of food products?

The refrigerated box must be easy to handle, it must be stackable, light, because deliveries are sometimes made over several floors without elevators. Isothermal performance must be there

Refrigerated box for the food industry, catering and collective catering

Our refrigerated boxes are designed to respect the cold chain despite the numerous breaks in loads, the long transit times and the waiting times at the dock before loading into the truck. This refrigerated box reveals its many advantages:

  1. Maintain the target temperature over a fixed period, regardless of your logistical constraints :
    • Waiting time in the preparation area or on the loading dock,
    • Load breaks,
    • Mutualization of temperatures
  2. Use of a standard vehicle Refrigerated

Health box

Vaccines, insulins, labile blood products, biotechnology products, tissues, organs, all of these heat-sensitive and heat-labile products are subject to strict regulations in terms of transport and respect for the cold chain. In conjunction with the Guide to Good Distribution Practices, our BAC allow you to transport your health products in complete safety, thus avoiding losses and non-conformities. Whatever your temperature range, + 2 ° C / + 8 ° C, -20 ° C, + 15 ° C / + 25 ° C, -80 ° C, our isothermal technology and dedicated cooling solution keeps your cold chain and participate in the success of your drug or organic transfer operations. In rotomolded PE, this model of insulated box is easy to maintain, disinfects and cleans easily.

Logistics challenge

online thermal container

We therefore took an ergonomic approach: cold boxes capable of keeping goods at the right temperature whilst being able to be used with a maximum of efficiency, safety and comfort.

The weight and dimensions of the insulated  boxes are therefore important criteria:

  • smaller delivery vehicles
  • electric vehicles
  • manual carrying to the customer in the case of home deliveries

OLIVO insulated boxes maintain the temperature of temperature-sensitive products, whether it is a temperature above or below zero. Dry products not requiring thermal protection can be packaged in plastic trays.

There are more and more deliveries of smaller and smaller packages. The BOX type  insulated containers can be easily integrated into e-commerce order preparation using plastic crates.


expanded polypropylene

For the BOX range, OLIVO has chosen to use a fantastic material: expanded polypropylene, commonly known as EPP.
EPP is a closed-cell polypropylene foam. It is 100% recyclable and it is produced using steam. This makes EPP an environmentally friendly or “green” material.
Be aware though that, while visually EPP resembles expanded polystyrene, it is actually a totally different material.

The advantages of EPP

delivery thermal food container

EPP is known for its strength and light weight, but in fact it boasts many qualities:

  • solid with excellent structural strength, it is capable of bearing loads without being deformed
  • energy absorbing, EPP resists shocks without breaking
  • it is astonishingly lightweight in spite of its solidity, which means a real weight advantage compared to a traditional insulating material
  • made of expanded beads, EPP is a very good thermal insulator
    it is also a very good acoustic insulator, which means less noise during deliveries
  • it is a “green” material, with a production process that does not involve any compounds that are harmful to the environment, as well as being 100% recyclable
  • EPP is food safe and can be sterilised

Insulating capacity of transport boxes

thermal food container

BOX type insulated food boxes are moulded in one piece from EPP. A single material provides boxes of different dimensions with their rigidity and their insulating.

The sides of the BOX insulated containers are between 30 and 35 mm thick to meet the thermal requirements. The thickness of the insulating material is the result of a satisfactory compromise between thermal performance and dimensions.

Reducing the thickness of the insulating material may seem attractive with a view to transporting more goods in the same space, but this would reduce the insulating capacity, thereby shortening the time the temperature can be maintained or consuming more cooling energy.

Eutectic refrigeration

thermal food container - eutectic plates

The refrigeration of BOX type insulated containers with eutectic plates enables a positive (chilled products) or a negative temperature (frozen products) to be maintained for 12 hours or more. Which is a very good average for catering purposes, medical transport, chilled food storage, etc.

For transport in different ambient temperatures (summer, winter, intermediate seasons), you will know exactly how many eutectic plates you should place in the BOX rage for the required transport time.

The latest models of insulated food boxes have grooves that can receive up to 9 eutectic packs.

This modular use of cooling packs is a reliable and easy to manage method for frozen product, catering, chilled food.

Cryogenic refrigeration

dry ice container with net

Solid dry ice can be used in insulated transport boxes, but only for frozen foodstuffs.

In this case, the lid of the insulated transport boxes can be fitted with a net to hold the slab of dry ice.

OLIVO calculates the exact quantity of dry ice needed for your transport times for you. Contact us for more information about our insulated boxes.


MINICRYO® innovation

Livraison à domicile - home delivery OLIVO

OLIVO and its partner MESSER have used their previous experience to meet the challenge of miniaturising the SIBER SYSTEM ® cryogenic solution to produce dry ice for small boxes : thereby revolutionising the last miles logistics for chilled and frozen products.

Find out moret here : MINICRYO®

The question Box


1 – What is insulated packaging ?

Insulated packaging allows you to keep goods at a given temperature for a given period thanks to reduced heat exchange made possible by injected insulation. There are different logistics formats – shapes and sizes, different openings – that allow you to store or transport products packed in different ways. The thermal insulation performance will vary according to the polymer and the industrial process used to make the container: polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, polystyrene, either rotomoulded or injection moulded.

2 – How long does dry ice last during shipping ?

Dry ice storage time depends on several factors: the type of storage containers, the conditions of storage, the estimated number of openings. The higher the insulation performance of your equipment, the lower the K-value, the longer you can store your dry ice.

EPP BOX range

OLIVO’s BOX categories range is expanding because there are more and more last mile logistics providers. Our latest model available is the thermo BOX 64.

BOX 64 is taller to take more large diameter pizzas and it features a very clever positioning of the eutectic plates.

Insulated BOX 64 can take up to 9 TOP 64 eutectic plates. The eutectic plates can be positioned horizontally or vertically. They can also be used to separate two orders in the same delivery box (gastronorm sizes).

BOX 64 can be adapted to numerous configurations. Contact us and we will tell you how many TOP 64 plates you need for a TOP result or any other insulated boxes for insulated food, special offers…


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