LAST MILE, OLIVO launches the URBAN range

13 January 2021 by Edina GÁLFI

You want to make deliveries in hyper-center respectful of the environment and maintain the right temperature for your products: our dedicated URBAN range can be your solution!

Delivering chilled and frozen food stuff at the right temperature at your customer’s door, a challenge? Not if you use the right logistics !

BOX 34 for last mile delivery

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E-commerce and home-deliveries are well known of OLIVO, as our EPP (expensed polypropylene) BOX 34 already proved its worth at the beginning of the 2000’s in the UK with the giant national operator.

BOX 34 can be transported alone or in a plastic crate, be integrated into a conveying system or used on castor dollies. Light, mono-material (EPP), 100% recyclable, resistant and insulating, BOX 34 associated with the right quantity of cold preserves the quality of your products at the right temperature.

BOX 64

box 64 04.jpg 1

Since then, the concept moved forward. A second model, BOX 64, has been created: it is bigger (a quarter of Euro Pallet – 600 x 400 mm), but can be carried by hand or put on a dolly. Intelligent, with multiple locations for eutectic plates, also with the advantages of EPP material.

Figure it out: BOX 64 fits perfectly at the front of a cargo-bike, as a removable device.
With BOX 64, go further, carry chilled and frozen products in the same container!

Contact us for information.


v6 266x200jpg.jpg 1

The most recent innovation in the URBAN range : URBAN ROLL 500.
A light-weight 500 Liters insulating container with a front opening, that can be transported by a bicycle, here is the good idea!

With a euro-pallet outer format 800×1200, on silent wheels, URBAN 500 is the supporter of your hyper-center deliveries. Loaded into an electric vehicle, on the trailer of a bicycle or tricycle, it will carry your chilled or frozen products while preserving their quality.

Respect of the cold chain

For both URBAN BOX or ROLL, the EPP material presents very good insulated properties, and allows you to maintain the temperature of your products for several hours with the right quantity of cold (passive cooling : eutectic plate or dry ice).

You wish to get information on the URBAN range, contact-us

You are looking for other solutions for e-commerce and last-mile deliveries with your commercial vehicle: several solutions are available, please check our web site HERE

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