Transport & storage of dry ice

Transport & storage of dry ice

Storing and/or transporting dry ice in every shape such as pellets, sticks, slices or blocks : OLIVO BAC insulated containers range from 25 to 600 liters make your life easier.
Our flagship dry ice containers:

Insulated BAC 130

Capacity of
110kg dry ice pellets


Insulated BAC 320

Capacity of around
250kg dry ice pellets


Insulated BAC 600

Capacity of around
480kg dry ice pellets

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Dry ice (whatever its shape is) requires to be transported in a dry ice container or insulated BAC. You deliver loose dry ice, you are a dry ice pellets manufacturer, you are a specialist in dry ice blasting / dry ice cleaning, OLIVO dry ice containers will make your life easier and make you saving money.

Light sublimation

As dry ice is bit by bit sublimating, this means transforming into gas when melting, as soon as it is produced, it is essential to control and limit this phenomenon as much as possible. And here is the strength of the OLIVO BAC dry ice containers.
With 7-8% of “loss” on the 1st day, and 4-5% on the following days, the OLIVO BAC are the best scorers and the champions of dry ice transportation and storage.

Dry ice insulated containers: BAC range

To keep the integrity of your dry ice and to limit the loss with dry ice sublimation, go for a model of dry ice container from the OLIVO BAC range. In this dry ice containers range, two materials with proven performances are provided to meet your needs and requirements.
Polyethylene BAC (turquoise-blue chest containers): available from 25 to 420 liters
Polyester BAC (white chest containers): available from 260 to 600 liters
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Get to know more on the whole range of ROLL models: different volumes, sizes and other options are also available.