git Transport & storage of dry ice

Transport & storage of dry ice

Slower sublimation

As dry ice begins to gradually sublime – that is to say it transforms into gas as soon as it is produced, it is essential to control and limit this phenomenon as much as possible. Which is where OLIVO’s BAC dry ice containers come in.
With 7-8%  “loss” on the 1st day, and 4-5% on the following days, OLIVO BAC containers are the champions of dry ice transportation and storage.

Insulated containers for dry ice : BAC range

To keep your dry ice intact and limit the loss due to sublimation, choose a model of dry ice container from the OLIVO BAC range. The containers in this range, suitable for dry ice are made of one of two materials with performances proven to meet your needs.
Polyethylene BAC (turquoise chests) : available from 25 to 420 litres
Polyester BAC (white chests): available from 260 to 600 litres
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