Refrigerated box for vans

Our range of refrigerated box

  • BAC 55
    logoATP 1

    Ext. dim. : 600 x 500 x 580 mm,

    Volume : 53 L,

    Cold sources : cryogenic drawer et eutectic plate TOP 55,

    Logistics format : Quarter ISO Pallet 1000 x 1200

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  • BAC 420
    logoATP 1

    Ext. dim. : 1200 x 800 x 1085 mm,

    Volume : 417 L,

    Cold source : eutectic plate TOP 900,

    Logistics format : Euro-pallet 800 x 1200

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  • BAC 320
    logoATP 1

    Ext. dim. : 1200 x 800 x 965 mm,

    Volume : 327 L,

    Cold source : eutectic plate TOP 370,

    Logistics format : Euro-pallet 800 x 1200

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  • BAC 160
    logoATP 1

    Ext. dim. : 800 x 600 x 1050 mm,

    Volume : 159 L,

    Cold sources : cryogenic drawer et eutectic plate TOP 370,

    Logistics format : Half Euro-pallet 80 x 600

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  • BAC 130
    logoATP 1

    Ext. dim. : 800 x 600 x 715 mm,

    Volume : 132 L,

    Cold source : eutectic plate TOP 130,

    Logistics formats : Euronorm crate 600 x 400 et Half Euro-pallet 80 x 600

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  • BAC 25

    Ext. dim. : 490 x 510 x 663 mm,

    Volume : 26 L,

    Cold source : eutectic plate TOP 25,

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  • BAC 70

    Ext. dim. : 680 x 560 x 850 mm,

    Volume : 105 L,

    Cold sources : cryogenic drawer et eutectic plate TOP 70,

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  • BAC 420 CO2
    logoATP 1

    Ext. dim. : 1200 x 800 x 1085 mm,

    Volume : 417 L,

    Logistics format : Euro-pallet 800 x 1200

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  • BOX 34

    Ext. dim. : 555 x 360 x 331 mm,

    Volume : 34 L,

    Cold sources : eutectic plate TOP 64 et SiberCity®,

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  • BOX 64

    Ext. dim. : 595 x 395 x 455 mm,

    Volume : 60 L,

    Cold source : eutectic plate TOP 64,

    Logistics format : Quarter Euro-pallet 800 x 1200

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    logoATP 1

    Ext. dim. : 800 x 1200 x 1270 mm,

    Volume : 516 L,

    Cold source : eutectic plate TOP 900,

    Logistics format : Euro-pallet 800 x 1200

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What are the advantages of our refrigerated boxes for vans?

  • Our refrigerated boxes can be used in any type of utility, you will not need to invest in a refrigerated truck thanks to our thermal container system associated with eutectic plates.
  • The temperature is maintained without risk of breaking the cold chain during the entire transport period even in case of repeated door openings thanks to a rigorous selection of high-performance insulating materials.
  • Maintains temperature up to 24 hours and more.
  • The ATP qualification of our refrigerated boxes meets the requirements of transport under controlled temperature.
  • Sturdy, quality, mobile and recyclable boxes. Some models are stackable.
  • Reusable and washable boxes
  • We design, manufacture and assemble all our thermal boxes that we continue to improve according to demand and climate change.
  • Last mile delivery, e-commerce, sensitive products, catering, food services, pharmacy, hospitals, home delivery, fish transport with removable retention tank… Our products adapt to all sectors of activity.
  • Ambient, fresh, frozen, a wide range of temperatures is offered (+2°C/+8°C, +15°C/+25°C, -80°C, etc.)
  • A wide choice of dimensions to adapt to the smallest to the largest utility (crate, tray, quarter pallet, half pallet, pallet, specific format, etc.).
  • Isothermal roll for scooters and cargo bikes: transport of fresh and frozen products, last mile deliveries or short circuits.
  • French manufacturing, customer service based in France.
  • We study your project according to your activity and the type of utility used.

Refrigerated container, frequently asked questions

  • Isothermal containers

    How to choose a model of insulated container ?

    The choice of an insulated container rests on several parameters which will be analysed with a member of our team:

    • Type of products to be transported;
    • Volume of products to be transported and their packaging;
    • Type of vehicle used to transport the insulated container;
    • Organisation of collection and/or delivery rounds;

    The choice of the container is also associated with that of the cold source. This must be selected based on different data:

    • Time in transit;
    • Legal temperature of the product to be transported;
    • External temperature and humidity conditions;

    Before making your final choice, we strongly recommend that you contact a member of our team, who will be able to support you in planning and optimising your cold chain logistics.

  • Personalization

    Is it possible to have a container in a different colour ?

    Yes. It is entirely possible to order containers in a different colour. However:

    • You will need to order at least 50 units.
    • The RAL colours available are:
  • Isothermal containers

    What preventive operations are recommended to guarantee the longevity of an insulated container?

    In order to prolong the useful life of insulated containers, Olivo recommends certain preventive actions:

    • Cleaning and disinfection of the equipment based on a washing plan defining the method and frequency;
    • Lubrication of the closing systems, casters and brakes;
    • Checking the tyres on the casters for wear;
    • Annual technical inspection: checking the condition of the inner and outer walls, the seals, etc.

The refrigeration of our boxes

The refrigerated box differs from the refrigerated box by its cooling system. The term refrigerated refers to a non-mechanical (or absorption) cold source, that is, without a cold-generating motor.

The cold in a refrigerated box is produced by water ice, dry ice or eutectic plates.

This type of refrigeration gives the refrigerated compartment a total thermal autonomy since it does not require ventilation or external energy to operate.

Refrigerated box for utility or refrigerated vehicle ?

Refrigerated box for utility and refrigerated vehicle are different means.

The fridge truck is the ideal tool for cold transport without breaking load. The refrigerated box responds specifically to distribution rounds involving opening the vehicle doors several times for successive discharges. Transport under controlled temperature in commercial vehicles that are not equipped with a refrigeration unit or electrically powered refrigerated boxes for the transport of foodstuffs, but which correspond to the ATP conformity required.

How to choose your refrigerated box for utility ?

Olivo offers cubic refrigerated boxes opening on the top or vertical opening frontal. The ranges of Olivo boxes offer many volumes and different designs depending on the application. Our teams are here to help you find the version that best suits your industry.

The geometry of the isothermal box and its size depend on the size of the commercial vehicle and the type of product. Contact us, our advisors will accompany you in this reflection to make the best choice.

A vertical box type ROLL will be adapted to the transport of gastronorm bins and several heights are available according to the dimensions of your utility. BOX small volume boxes meet the requirements of home delivery and can be palletised in a large-capacity utility vehicle or transported individually in an unmarked vehicle of any model.

The refrigerated box that gives wings to your tours

Olivo refrigerated boxes do not produce noise or pollution. They are able to maintain positive or negative temperatures. They can be integrated into any type of commercial vehicle car or van according to the available openings, different sizes of caissons are offered on our site. Their cost is low compared to the investment of a vehicle fridge. They are certified for professional transport thanks, in particular, to a very good insulation of the walls.

Thanks to its qualities and ability to integrate into any logistics organization, the refrigerated box gives wings to your delivery rounds.

Contact us for more information or a quote that will be established according to your real need while taking into account the problems of your sector of activity.

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