• BAC 420 CO2
  • BAC 420 CO2

Insulated BAC

BAC 420 CO2

  • Ext. dim. (LxDxH) : 1200 x 800 x 1100 mm
  • Int. dim. (LxDxH) : 985 x 590 x 695 mm
  • Int. Vol. : 417 Liters
  • Coef.K : 0.33 W/m².°C
  • Unloaded weight : 90 Kg
  • Insulating material : Polyurethane foam
  • Wall material : Food-grade polypropylene (PPe)
  • Logistics format : Euro-pallet 800 x 1200
  • Application sectors : Cryogenics, Food, Health et Logistics
  • Certification :
    logoATP 1

Customisation options

Labelling, logotage and specific colours will enable you to improve the management of your fleet and increase efficiency. Contact us directly for any specific customisation project.

Custom RAL colours available

Iron-on handling stickers

Marking of the logo in the mass

Engraved nameplate

Accessories compatible with this product

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  • Upright tray

    Accessory Upright tray

    Treatment : INOX

    Lifting system : spring-loaded

  • Dry ice drawer

    Accessory Dry ice drawer

    Finish : Aluminium

    Dimensions : according to the ROLL model

    Volume : according to the ROLL model

  • Brake wheel

    Accessory Brake wheel

    Diameter : ø 100 mm

    Height with base plate : 128 mm

    Tyre width : 36 mm

    Features : hybrid wheel

    Polyamide wheel centre and tyre, elastic rubber ring :

  • Feets 80 mm

    Accessory Feets 80 mm

    Diameter : 80 mm

    Height with base plate : 130 mm

    Metallic :


With external dimensions of 1200 x 800 x 1050 mm, this isothermal container has an internal volume of 420 litres and weighs 98 kg when empty. It is ideal for transporting pharmaceutical products and dry ice, as well as last-mile deliveries and food distribution.

  • Body and lid in one-piece rotomoulded food-grade polyethylene.
  • Recessed chassis, corrosion-resistant steel.
  • 4 castors Ø 125 mm: 2 fixed, 2 swivel or 4 metal feet Ø 80 mm.
  • Internal convection grooves.
  • Molded body/lid joint.
  • Gas-assisted lid opening with 80° lock.
  • One-piece silicone frame gasket.
  • 2 recessed, sealed closing toggles.
  • 4 moulded handles.
  • Recessed label holder.
  • Lid fitted with metal stacking feet for foot-mounted BACs.
  • Drain plug
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Frequently asked questions about this product

  • Personalization

    Is it possible to order made-to-measure containers ?

    Olivo’s solutions are designed and made to meet the cold chain logistics requirements of a maximum number of users. The sizes therefore correspond to international standards for logistics: Euro pallet, ISO pallet, Asia pallet. Our different models are fall into three separate ranges for which we rarely make made-to-measure containers. However, depending on what your project involves and the volumes to be produced, we can work with you to see if a custom solution is possible.

  • Personalization

    Can the insulated container be pierced or drilled through?

    No. Olivo strongly advises against piercing or drilling into the wall of an insulated container as it would no longer be intact, which would affect its tightness and impair its thermal insulation performance. If you wish to personalise your container, you should contact your account manager, who will help you to find the right solution.

  • Isothermal containers

    What preventive operations are recommended to guarantee the longevity of an insulated container?

    In order to prolong the useful life of insulated containers, Olivo recommends certain preventive actions:

    • Cleaning and disinfection of the equipment based on a washing plan defining the method and frequency;
    • Lubrication of the closing systems, casters and brakes;
    • Checking the tyres on the casters for wear;
    • Annual technical inspection: checking the condition of the inner and outer walls, the seals, etc.

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