Vaccine’s logistics, a heat-sensitive health product

27 January 2020 by Edina GÁLFI


Vaccination campain and vaccine’s logistics : the doctor’s challenge

The vaccine, a health product sensitive to temperature changes that should be protected

Vaccines are temperature sensitive health product: manufacturers, wholesale distributors, pharmacies, all the actors in the health chain take great care to ensure they remain within the necessary temperature range.

What about the doctor conducting a vaccination campain? How can he make sure that the vaccines, thermosensitive substances, are kept between +2°C and +8°C ?

With an OLIVO BAC insulated container, the health professional can make sure that the temperature is maintained at the right level.

The rotomolded BAC technology not only guarantees optimised insulation of the container, but also represents a sustainable solution: OLIVO insulated containers have a minimum lifetime of 12 years.


The eutectic plates with their 0°C PCM (phase change material) for a heat release between +2°C and +4°C are frozen in advance, then in some cases slightly thawed at ambient temperature (if the freezing temperature is below -5°C, see explanations HERE), then placed in the top of the BAC.

OLIVO eutectic plates with their rotomolded envelope and exclusive  eutectic liquid formulation will  maintain the necessary temperature throughout the transport/storage time.

A BAC 55 is the ideal solution: it fits in a light vehicle, can be carried by a single person, put on a removable castor base, and maintains the temperature for 10 hours or more.

It is a reusable insulated solution that will keep vaccines at the right temperature for the entire vaccination day. It does not require an electricity supply (passive cold).

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