A eutectic solution is basically a mixture of water and salts whose melting point (or freezing point) is constant and lower than that of water. For example, a -17°C eutectic liquid will melt (or solidify) at -17°C: its melting point is considerably lower than 0°C, the melting point of water.

OLIVO eutectic plates are non-toxic.

All OLIVO eutectic solutions are stable, non-toxic and do not degrade over time.
This means you can use the eutectic packs for an unlimited time as they retain their cooling capacity.

In order to identify the type of eutectic plate even if the label is no longer legible, each liquid is colored according to its melting temperature : +21°C pink | 0°C colorless | -3°C yellow | -12°C orange | -17°C green | -21°C blue | -26°C colorless