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Insulated ROLL


    Insulated ROLL : ensure your food distribution in complete safety!

    Reusable, washable and efficient, OLIVO's insulated containers combined with cold accumulators or eutectic plates (a self-contained passive cold source) enable you to maintain the temperature of your products for 24 hours or more, thereby preserving the quality of your products right to their place of consumption.

    ATP certified, the insulated container allows you to travel more than 80 kms while carrying out load breaks. Delivering several customers with the same refrigerated container is therefore possible!

    What format of insulated container for what use?

    The isothermal catering ROLL

    Your products are packaged in crates (euronorms), on trays (euronorm or gastronorm), find refrigerated container models adapted to your activity which will make your life easier and secure your transport.

    You use plastic crates: the standard most often used is the so-called Euronorm format, i.e. 600x400mm. The number of crates possible per insulated container obviously depends on the height of the crate, which may vary.

    You use stainless steel or plastic trays: OLIVO stainless steel tray holder racks are available for the Euronorm 600x400mm or Gastronorm 530x325mm format.

    This accessory is available on the ROLL 220 and ROLL 370 models.

    ROLL 220 600x800x1200

    ROLL370 600x800x1670

    The seafood insulated ROLL

    No more seawater trickling out when you open the ROLL container: the fixed or removable drip pan in the bottom of the ROLL allows you to empty its contents once the fish has been unloaded onto the stall, thereby ensuring safety and compliance with hygiene standards.


    Whether you specialise in transporting seafood or not, our solutions adapt to your logistics. The removable drip pan available for certain models in the ROLL range will add extra flexibility and possibilities to your usage. Whether it is to transport perishable produce or seafood more specifically, the possibility of inserting a drip tray opens the way to a multitude of possible combinations.

    - ROLL670 800x1030x1720

    - ROLL 780 Seafood 800x1012x1900

    - ROLL 900 Seafood 800x1200x1860

    - ROLL 1100 Seafood 1000x1200x1720

    - ROLL 1410 Seafood 1000x1200x2000

    The cyclo-logistic insulated ROLL

    A player in cyclo-logistics: scooters, bicycle-freighters, the OLIVO insulated PPe container adapts to your urban logistics formats by providing you with maneuverability, safety, flexibility and flexibility for the transport of fresh and frozen products. Discover insulated container for your deliveries in the last mile or short circuits. Delivering fresh and frozen products by bike becomes possible!

    ATP-certified, our ROLL URBAN 500 model is compatible with trailer systems like BicyLift developed by Fleximodal.

    ROLL URAN 500 800x1200x1270

    Discover our made in France insulated containers, cutting-edge insulated technology and quality refrigeration solutions on our website. Our entire range meets the requirements of logistics optimization and cold chain automation thanks to passive cooling solutions and high-performance insulated containers for the storage and transport of your temperature-sensitive products.

    * Delivery available in France and for export.