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Dual-purpose cryogeny

SIBER SYSTEM® is the dual-purpose cryogenic refrigeration system used for OLIVO ROLL insulated containers.
The SIBER SYSTEM® “cold service station” automatically measures out the amount of dry ice required to maintain the right temperature inside OLIVO ROLL insulated container throughout transporation.

The SIBER SYSTEM® ROLL insulated container is fitted with a smart insulated tank that releases the amount on dry ice needed for either chilled products or frozen products.
The SIBER SYSTEM® service station produces dry ice snow on demand: all the user has to do is connect the gun to the thermal tank and validate. The dry ice is produced by releasing liquid CO2.

The dual-purpose SIBER SYSTEM® refrigeration system has been designed to smooth the operations of depots making hundreds of deliveries a day.



Innovative cryogenics

cycle cryogénique

When we developed the SIBER SYSTEM® our idea was to “tame” dry ice, which is so powerful, but can be brutal in the way it releases its frigories. This was in the 90s and eventually we managed to take idea much further than originally envisaged.

The SIBER SYSTEM® innovation was a revolution for our customers, enabling them:

  • to refrigerate a ROLL insulated container with dry ice for both frozen products and chilled products without the risk of freezing them
  • to produce dry ice themselves as and when they need it
  • to make dry ice directly from liquefied CO2
  • to automatically gauge the weight of refrigerant according to the type of products chilled or frozen) and the transport time
  • to go to the SIBER SYSTEM® service station to “fill up” with just the right amount of refrigerant
  • to no longer have to handle dry ice directly and to enjoy the benefits of the safe, automated SIBER SYSTEM®

SIBER SYSTEM® cryogenic tank

réservoir cryogénique dans une armoire réfrigérée

OLIVO ROLL insulated containers are equipped at the top with a SIBER SYSTEM® “thermal tank”.
The SIBER SYSTEM® tanks serves several purposes:

  • it participates in the production of CO2 snow when it is connected to the SIBER SYSTEM® station
  • it contains the refrigerant, dry ice produced directly in the tank by releasing liquid CO2
  • it regulates the temperature
  • the tank consists of two internal compartments where the refrigerant is stored
  • the CHILLED compartment is insulated so as to slow the thermal exchange and create a temperature inside the ROLL of +2°C/+4°C
  • the FROZEN compartment is calibrated to slow the thermal exchange and create a temperature inside the ROLL of -25°C
  • the SIBER SYSTEM® refrigeration system uses natural convection and requires neither an on-board power supply nor ventilation


Using liquid CO2

siber cuve glace sèche

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2).


Stored in liquid form at a temperature of -20°C and a pressure of 20 bar, liquid CO2 has the property of turning into CO2 snow (solid phase) when it is released at atmospheric pressure.
This is the famous CO2 triple point.


The SIBER SYSTEM® cold service station is therefore supplied with liquid CO2. Once the gun is connected to the SIBER SYSTEM® tank, the operator validates, the gun’s valve opens, the liquid CO2 is released and the CO2 snow forms inside the thermal tank.


dosage siber conteneur isotherme

The SIBER SYSTEM® cryogenic stations “pilot” gauges the quantity of carbon dioxide snow.


It automatically calculates the quantity of frigories required depending on the programming. The programming data are: heat loss of the ROLL container, type of goods (chilled or frozen), duration and ambient temperature of transport.


The amount can be set for each recipient (database) or for transport zones. The user can change the logistics settings of the programming himself (transport time, ambient temperature) in order to adjust the amount of refrigerant as necessary.


The operator enters the round number or that of the store receiving the delivery to validate the injection.
The injection time can vary from 15 seconds (chilled products in a cool season) to 60 seconds (frozen goods in the hot season).



protection des opérateurs injection siber

Operators using SIBER SYSTEM® are never in direct contact with the dry ice snow.


The release of the liquid CO2 into the tank is safe thanks to a simultaneous automatic suction system which serves to extract the residual peak CO2 gas generated during the injection.

SIBER SYSTEM® economic benefits

conteneur isotherme injection CO2

SIBER SYSTEM® uses liquid CO2 and reduces the cost of cooling energy:

  • SIBER SYSTEM® users produce the dry ice snow themselves. They no longer need to buy dry ice in solid form (slabs, sticks, etc.), which eliminates the inevitable loss of energy when already transformed solid dry ice is used, as it evaporates constantly, including during storage.
  • The liquid CO2 is supplied by tanker lorry at a frequency of once or twice a month, while the same volume of dry ice would require two deliveries a week.
  • Because it has not been transformed, the liquid CO2 is cheaper than solid ice.

What about the environment?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) sometimes doesn’t get a good press. But SIBER SYSTEM® uses “2nd use” CO2, meaning that the CO2 used is a waste product that has been recovered for reuse.


The CO2 is recovered from industrial processes such as hydrogen production in refineries, the manufacturing of biofuels or fertilisers. These industrial CO2 emissions are captured and then the CO2 is purified and liquefied before being sold.


The recovery of CO2 and its use with SIBER SYSTEM® are therefore beneficial to the environment.
Using SIBER SYSTEM® does not emit more CO2 into the atmosphere.



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