Healthcare logistics

Healthcare logistics

Refrigerated containers for pharma logistics

The cold chain is a major issue in the pharmaceutical industry as a growing number of its products are temperature-sensitive: vaccines, insulin, labile blood products, biotechnology products, tissues, organs, etc.
One medicine placed on the market in two is temperature-sensitive. A variation in its storage temperature can render it ineffective or even dangerous.

Temperature-sensitive human and veterinary healthcare products can be degraded by heat, but also by cold. The cold chain is therefore intended to maintain these products within a given temperature range, by avoiding the temperature exceeding the upper and lower limits defined. Our solution : our insulated boxes and insulated chests.


Sanitary and economic issues

Generally, in spite of their small volume (often bottles, vials, etc.), temperature-sensitive healthcare products can have a very high value. This is why maintaining the cold chain for temperature-sensitive healthcare products is critical, from both an economic and a sanitary point of view.

From the pharmaceutical laboratory to the patient, distribution circuits and the transportation of pharmaceutical products are complex: wholesaler-distributor, depository-logistics provider, laboratory, pharmacy, hospital, clinic, doctor, etc.

Every logistics organisation is different but we offer insulated containers to meet every need.




The most common temperature ranges for the conservation of temperature-sensitive medicines are:

  • +2°C/+8°C
  • +15°C/+25°C
  • -20°C

The main challenge is today to find suitable solutions for the transportation of pharmaceutical products in those 3 temperature ranges : take a look at our insulated chest and box ranges.

Thermal protection

OLIVO initially specialised in the food cold chain, but now counts among its customers many logistics providers and healthcare firms using reusable insulated container for the transportation of pharmaceutical products :

  • ROLL insulated containers for the cold chain of pharmaceutical companies producing medicines
  • BAC insulated containers for reverse logistics, which collects samples and specimens for analysis
  • BOX insulated boxes for distribution to pharmacies and dispensaries


The types of refrigeration offered for the healthcare sector are eutectics and cryogenics:

  • Eutectic plates with a selection of eutectic solutions adapted to the healthcare sector, with melting points at 0°C, -26°C and +21°C
  • Dry ice capable of maintaining stable positive or negative temperatures




Good distribution practice

All reusable OLIVO insulated containers meet the thermal and hygiene requirements of the healthcare sector. They are easily cleaned and disinfected.


Based on your specifications, OLIVO is able to carry out a thermal analysis of your needs. Depending on the configuration that you choose, OLIVO can qualify your logistics configuration in accordance with the cold container regulations (standard S99-700).


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