La Graine Locale (“The Local Seed”)

La Graine Locale is a locavore click & collect shop. From its the website ( you can buy fresh foods from the Saint-Etienne region and collect your order near your home (if you are in the Saint-Etienne area).

When OLIVO first met Clarisse, the young CEO and founder of La Graine Locale, straightaway we were captivated by her plan to set up an online shop for local fresh produce.

La Graine Locale online shop offers fresh produce directly sourced from local producers carefully selected by Clarisse bassed on a number of ethical criteria.

Fruit and vegetables are seasonal, meat, dairy products, flour and fruit juices are farmed, bred and transformed in the traditional way with respect for animals and the environment. Particular attention is paid to proximity, quality of the produce and the ethics of the producers when shortlisting suppliers.


As part of a win-win concept, La Graine Locale provides fresh foods at a fair price, fair for the consumers and also fair for the producers. This has been achievable as La Graine Locale is the only intermediary between producer and end customers.

Ethic is a real issue for La Graine Locale and Clarisse also took also the environmental impact of the delivery into consideration when she chose her equipment. That is why she made the decision to  opt for OLIVO insulated tote boxes. OLIVO has had the privilege of advising and sharing its experience of cold chain logistics with her.


Easy to use, lightweight and the ideal size for home delivery and e-grocery shopping, the OLIVO BOX 64 is the insulated food container  chosen by La Graine Locale. Refrigeration is provided by TOP 64 eutectic plates ensuring compliant product temperatures through to delivery.


We can testify that La Graine Locale’s cold chain is perfectly maintained and compliant. OLIVO is very proud to have been part of this innovative project and thanks Clarisse for trusting us.