Container for van

Container for van

What does refrigerated container for van stand for?

A refrigerated container is an insulated container that is to say a container of which the walls are insulated and fitted with a cooling system. A refrigerated container is thus autonomous when maintaining the proper temperature of the items it is loaded with. A thermocontainer can be placed in a standard (ambient) commercial vehicle/ van in order to transport temperature-sensitive products in respecting their cold chain (e.g. chilled and/or frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, technical items).

Cooling system (refrigeration)

Refrigerated container differs from refrigerating container by its cooling system. The term “refrigerated” refers to a non-mechanical (or absorption) cold source, that is to say without any engine producing cold.

The cold source/cooling system in a refrigerated container can be either ice or dry ice or even eutectic plates (ice packs/ cooler packs).

Thanks to the typology of these cooling systems, refrigerated containers are completely autonomous as for maintaining the proper temperature, as it does not require neither any ventilation nor external power source to run.

Refrigerated container in a commercial vehicle or refrigerating vehicle?

A refrigerated container in a commercial vehicle and a refrigerating vehicle are different means of temperature-controlled transportation. Refrigerating truck is ideal to respect cold chain when transportation does not include any partial unloading through the journey. When the journey requires to open twice or several times the doors of the vehicle/truck in order to proceed to partial deliveries, then refrigerated containers are an ideal answer.

Fitting an ambient van with a refrigerated container: which assets?

Placing a refrigerated container inside an ambient van is enabling the van to safely transport perishable (temperature-sensitive) items in securing cold chain. The refrigerated container is easily loadable and unloadable from the van, which can thus keep its original features.

A refrigerated container enables thus an ambient van alternating transport of ambient and temperature-controlled items. It also makes possible transportation of both ambient and temperature-controlled products at the same time: a refrigerated container fitted with a coolant/cold source to keep frozen foods at the proper temperature can be placed inside an ambient van/truck/vehicle amongst ambient foods. Perishable/temperature-sensitive goods go through the journey in respecting hygiene (isolation) and thermal (maintaining proper temperature) rules.

Refrigerated containers provides plenty of fresh logistic options for ambient vans and other vehicles without requiring major transformations or investments.

How to choose for your van the refrigerated container that meets the best your requirements?

OLIVO provides chest refrigerated containers opening on the top or cabinet thermocontainer opening frontally. OLIVO insulated bins, cabinets and boxes literally offer many volumes and different designs depending on your application.

Size and geometry of refrigerated container depends on the useful size available in your van and the type of products you would like to carry in. Contact us, our experts will help you sorting out which model is made for you. An upright position refrigerated container (ROLL) can be ideal to transport gastro-norm containers when fitted with the catering equipment. Several configurations are available depending on the useful height of your van/commercial vehicle. Small size chest refrigerated containers (BOX) meet the requirements of home delivery of grocery shopping. They can be palettized in a big van or transported individually in a commercial vehicle.

The refrigerated containers that gives wings to your delivery rounds!

OLIVO refrigerated containers are silent (no noise nor pollution emissions). They are able to maintain positive or negative temperatures at a time. OLIVO refrigerated containers can fit into any type of van/commercial vehicle. Their purchase and care/maintenance cost is very low in comparison to the investment in a refrigerating vehicle. OLIVO refrigerated containers are certified for professional transportation in compliance with cold chain requirements (ATP, HACCP, Food grade).

Thanks to their smooth integration into your logistic, OLIVO insulated bins, shippers, boxes, containers make your delivery journeys comfy and secure and give it wings.