git Insulated BAC, a refrigerated chest container that keeps your items cold during transport

Insulated BAC

Cold cubes

BAC insulated containers fall into two categories:

  • small volume boxes which can still be manhandled once they are full and can fit into any vehicle
  • large capacity insulated chests that need a forklift truck to handle them

OLIVO insulated containers can be stacked up like cubes

Two technical concepts

OLIVO’s insulated BAC range is divided into two offers using different technologies:

  • turquoise insulated containers made of polyethylene
  • white insulated boxes made of a fibreglass/polyester composite

Turquoise insulated containers

Half-way between blue and green, the turquoise BAC type insulated containers are produced using the latest rotational molding technology which enables the double-wall body and the lid to be molded “in one shot”.


After the molding phase, the insulating raw material is injected into the double wall. This consists of latest-generation expanded polyurethane foam.


The one-piece design gives OLIVO BAC type insulated boxes better insulated qualities and the insulating material a longer life.


As the polyurethane foam is encapsulated inside the totally sealed double plastic wall, the insulating material retains its integrity and quality even after the container has been in use for years.

White insulated containers

The white BAC type insulated containers are made of a fibreglass/polyester composite. They are of a more classic design. The exterior and interior walls are molded separately and assembled.


The insulation consists of latest-generation expanded polyurethane foam.


OLIVO polyester insulated boxes have historically been used by the gas industry and for transporting solid dry ice.
Dry ice has a very low temperature, almost -80°C. The polyester insulated containers used all have an excellent insulating capacity (K factor) in order to limit the sublimation of the dry ice during storage and transport.


Traditionally the composite material is selected for its excellent resistance to very low temperatures.


Whether turquoise or white, the BAC insulated chest is available in different standard logistics sizes: Euro-pallet size, half-pallet, quarter-pallet, etc.


There are several models of refrigerated containers specially designed for transporting healthcare products




For better ergonomics, the large capacity insulated containers have lids whose opening/closing is assisted by gas springs.

The small volume insulated boxes are equipped with an integral hinged lid.


The insulated chests and boxes are stackable when they are not wheeled.


When a container is mounted on wheels, 2 fixed wheels give the direction of movement and 2 swivel wheels allow you to change direction.
OLIVO insulated containers come with one direction of movement, but this can be reversed on request.


As an option, the insulated chests and boxes can be equipped with four swivel wheels to increase their mobility in restricted spaces, such as a workstation, but this reduces directional stability.


For the storage and transport of dry ice, the insulated containers fitted with a silicone seal.

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